instagram disabled hacked

  1. Alen Harper


    Hello. My instagram page is not deactivated but it's look like it's disable with someone that I don't know so right now I have no access to my email to get instagram link to active my page again so I sent an email to instagram and they reply me with a code and request me me to take picture of...
  2. Anas90

    Instagram NOWADAYS!! Need to discuss with all

    Hello guys.. I have been running over 15 accounts and monetizing it on Drop-ship, doing well these last couple days ( 60-150$ a day ) you can read my journey if u are interested. Nevertheless after suffering from PV loop a lot, i got my ass kicked for finding that 8 accounts were disabled...
  3. pjfooty

    Disabled account

    Hi, I know there might be a thread about this already but since Instagrams terms are changing ever now and then I thought I'd ask this question one more time. When I opened the Instagram app this morning I got a message stating I had been logged out of the app and when I try to log in I...