instagram disabled hacked

  1. D

    Main Instagram got disabled today.(Mother Child problem?)

    I was doing the mother-child method with 150 accounts and today when I woke up it wanted to solve that ReCaptcha thing. Can mother-child affect my main accounts or can people report my main account and make it disabled. Anyway, I filed a report and have to wait 24 hours. Don't know if it will...
  2. Alen Harper


    Hello. My instagram page is not deactivated but it's look like it's disable with someone that I don't know so right now I have no access to my email to get instagram link to active my page again so I sent an email to instagram and they reply me with a code and request me me to take picture of...
  3. Anas90

    Instagram NOWADAYS!! Need to discuss with all

    Hello guys.. I have been running over 15 accounts and monetizing it on Drop-ship, doing well these last couple days ( 60-150$ a day ) you can read my journey if u are interested. Nevertheless after suffering from PV loop a lot, i got my ass kicked for finding that 8 accounts were disabled...
  4. pjfooty

    Disabled account

    Hi, I know there might be a thread about this already but since Instagrams terms are changing ever now and then I thought I'd ask this question one more time. When I opened the Instagram app this morning I got a message stating I had been logged out of the app and when I try to log in I...