instagram comment limit

  1. H

    Instagram comment automation

    Hello Guys I need a profesionnal one on IG automation to manage my GMT2 on my cloud google serveur I need each account to comment 200/400 comment per day
  2. PowerKnipser

    [URGENT] IG Comment Limit on own Posts?

    Hey, I have a question that has something to do with commenting on IG. I know there are limits on commenting on posts. But what if I want to comment as much as possible under my own IG Post, with the account I posted this post? Is there a limit, too? I'm asking this question because I've seen an...
  3. varun barve

    [Q] Instagram Daily Limits - 2017

    Hey, guys, I wanted to know some daily limits on Instagram. Can you guys tell me? How many follows can we join in a day? How many likes can I send on messenger daily? How many DM's can I send every day? How many comments can I send every day? How many comments likes can I do every...