instagram clone

  1. Corica

    Instagram clone and fan accounts

    Hi, I’m looking for 50-100 clone accounts to be made for Instagram.Like fan some clone accounts Could I get some costs lease
  2. Stkr Dngr

    Photo sharing website script

    I have been looking for a script like IG but that can allow users upload using web. I haven't been able to find it. Just like an IG clone but without the app for now. Anybody wanna point me to a place? Thanks.
  3. saurabhshah

    Help selling a Codecanyon script [Instagram Clone]

    [First Thread Alert] A couple of months back I deployed my script to codecanyon marketplace. It's a script to create a website like Instagram or 9gag. I have made a total of 17 sales in 60 days with 6 five star ratings. I guess the sales and rating ratio are decent but only 17 sales in 60 days...