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  1. Izzak

    Instagram Story Comment Bots - Need a recommendation

    Hey everyone, Recently i've been noticing many accounts comment via Instagram Story if i put up a Question.. This is a great lead generation tool that can be used for self promotion & sales. I'm wondering where can i find a Instagram Story Comment Bot to use myself? Any suggestions?
  2. M

    5000 IG account

    I would like to hire someone who can create 5000-7000 IG accounts and fully automate them using follow unfollow method in order to grow them. I want to be able to add descriptions, names and pictures. Each account will follow/unfollow and scrape posts from specific hashtags. I want the ability...
  3. SuperSuppe

    IG Bot that delete all pictures under a certain amount of likes?

    So the title says all. Is there a bot that delete instagram pictures under a certain amount of followers. So the engament rate of the account is higher or "looks" higher;)(free and paid bots).
  4. A

    [JOURNEY] 0 TO 11K IN 50 DAYS

    So today im going to share some of my experience on how i grow 0 to 11k in a very limited niche. The biggest account in my niche is about 180k so if your niche is larger u will have more potential followers. First of all I dowloaded a "free" bot called Ninjagram. You can search for cracked...