instagram blue tick

  1. E

    FB & İG Verification - Blue Tick - Can you get ?

    Hello there Work will be done for 20 -25 accounts per month These people are celebrities, artists, youtubers, or public figures. Looking for someone who will work continuously and finish the process quickly at an affordable price
  2. R

    I need Facebook or Instagram Blue Tick

    I need someone to verify some Facebook pages for me and some Instagram Business Accounts
  3. S

    Instagram Blue Tick

    Who can help me to get the blue badge for my instagram profile ? Payment is flexible. Thank you
  4. Azazel Apolyon

    Need Instagram verification badge

    Hey, I'm looking to buy Instagram verification. Budget 5000$ As for my profile and identity, I'm a music producer/singer/songwriter/DJ/Owner of an Independant record label. Verified on Spotify and Shazam. And placed on Spotify curated playlists like tropical vibes & chillout lounge. also have a...