instagram account creation

  1. leagueoflegendsmoments

    Instagram Mass Account Creation / Generation

    Hey everyone, I am interested in finding a reliable Instagram mass account generator that can create daily 100-200 accounts with custom names, profile pictures from a folder/CSV, and perform auto-email and phone verification. I have searched online and found various tools that claim to offer...
  2. D

    Instagram Bulk Account Creation

    Wich type of proxies do you currently use for Instagram Bulk account creation? I have tested multiple (most) suppliers that offer rotating "premium" proxies now, but even if they are 4G they will not create accounts successfully (since they apparently have been used multiple times for this...
  3. H

    I am looking for someone that can help me to create instagram accounts

    I need a lot of instagram accounts created per day (1.000's - 10.000's). Preferably automated, but if you have a manual solution that's fine too.
  4. H

    Instagram account creation

    I need someone that can provide me with a bot that automatically can create instagram account. Preferably 10.000's accounts per day. Of course I'm willing to pay for it.
  5. D

    Instagram Account Creation - Email Creation 2021 [Information Gathering)

    Hello, I have tried to create Instagram accounts via email countless times. What happens for me is the code, sent by Instagram, doesn't get extracted. Have you recently created Instagram accounts with an email provider or bought emails wich worked? If yes... 1. wich provider? 2. wich...
  6. IAmDubleX

    What proxies to use for 10k account creation?

    I'm looking to create 10k instagram accounts, burner accounts, via @Frenzied 's GramCreator. What proxies do you guys recommend me to use? I heard 4g proxies are good since you can create infinite accounts with them, correct me if I'm wrong. Can you guys recommend me any good provider? Thanks...
  7. S

    I Need IG Accounts Created

    I only need 5 IG accounts created to start... I will provide user names to riff off and bios to add, plus some content for each account. These accounts will not be used in any type of bots or anything like that. I simply need them to exist. I don't even care if I can access them once...
  8. A

    Looking to Buy Aged Instagram Accounts

    I'm looking for aged ig accounts. Preferably >1 year old but will consider newer accounts. Doesn't matter what kind of content or how many followers the accounts will be wiped clean.
  9. J

    Stable Instagram Accounts with FB Profiles

    Hey guys! So creating stable IG accounts or even buying it from vendors became a lot harder over the last couple weeks. I was wondering if anybody tested creating IG accounts using Facebook profiles? I mean I am pretty sure some people tested it but I am curious about the quality of these...
  10. M

    5000 IG account

    I would like to hire someone who can create 5000-7000 IG accounts and fully automate them using follow unfollow method in order to grow them. I want to be able to add descriptions, names and pictures. Each account will follow/unfollow and scrape posts from specific hashtags. I want the ability...
  11. S

    Instagram acc creation email error

    Lately I've been getting the error "We're having trouble verifying your email " when creating instagram accounts. The email gets banned after that. I have tried with both real and fake gmail, yahoo and hotmail emails, but always get the same error. Anyone know how to solve this?
  12. Monkos

    Hurdles of Instagram - Mother/Child method, Accounts Creation, 4g Proxies, PVs solution

    Hello All, You can SKIP it! Who am I? I've been using BHW for years, may be from 2011-12, but never thought of signing up, because at BHW without logging in, you can read the threads, and I was really lazy to signup, but don't know why I have signed up for many shitty forums and have been...
  13. csat

    Looking for US proxies

    Hi, I need create lots of Instagram accounts. So I need some proxies. I just use them to create accounts. So cheap is better, residential IP is better. I have tried many proxy provider. Many of the proxies are blocked by Instagram. Who can give me some advise? Thank you very much!
  14. alice252293

    [help] Instagram accounts creation

    I created gmail accounts on my home ip by using different number and I did not add the same recover emails. I used these emails to create IG accounts and but whenI added my new email it says " the email is already used in another account" while it's not. Why was that?. Thanks.
  15. Danny Crypto

    Instagram with (vpn+with sim) or (vpn+without sim) which one to select?

    Hey guys, I'm using vpn to reflect my destination(reflecting my city,area) But I'm using 3g/4g/volte too with my device (with sim)and I guess that is creating problem for me like if I use location service area it shows the correct info and i want it show the vpn location. Should I use (wifi +...
  16. sarahsaturne

    Is it actually better if an INSTAGRAM account was created through ANDROID?

    I read here that accounts created through ANDROID+4G are the best and that this is the most sure method. Someone can confirm it to me and explain me "the reasons" eventually? Can we "use" an account that we may buy created on ANDROID on iPhone afterwards?
  17. $pectro

    Ok, I've created a new IG account... and now?

    Since in the last few weeks Instagram seems to have stricted its rules, I wanted to ask you how to proceed to prevent my account from being banned. I've created a new account and I'm going to use Jarvee for growth and reposting. I thought to do this: Day 0 (Today) account creation and...
  18. Cryogenesis

    [Method] Create Unlimited Instagram Accounts through your Desktop.

    Hi! Switched to Instagram + CPA last month and went the manual route so the first obstacle was to create accounts quick on a daily basis while not getting banned too. I've done a lot of testing,burned through a lot of Accounts too and here's how I still make my accounts. Works like a charm,I've...
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