instadub problem

  1. reknaw

    instadub question

    Is anyone else having the same issue on instadub: can't run action multiple times, It seems to be stuck on running actions only once. I can't find the repeat every so many hours. Sent email to support but posting here in case someone knows how to fix it :)
  2. Yolonigga

    Instadub question

    Can someone tell me why does it take so long for the instadub to start following people? I thought it will follow people when I press the follow button but it's only filtering people first then it takes ages to start with following action. I used jarvee before but bought instadub now because...
  3. PowerKnipser

    Instadub Scraping Problem

    Hey all, I have a problem scraping followers of a specific IG page with instadub. When I start the process, it fails. The log says it tried to find the username i wanted it to scrape from, but didnt find it. It always says "failed to get userprofile details" Does someone know more about this...
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