1. kretchi ONLY follow users by tags and location?

    Hi guys I have 2 simple questions in my mind about by levpasha: 1. It's possible to search and follow users by account followers(ex. folow people that followed @realbeyonce) rather than just follow by hashtag or location? 2. If not possible, how these tags work? the bot will follow...
  2. T question!

    Hello there! I've recently gotten instabot setup and working just splendidly but I have a question! Is it possible to use instabot like followliker or massplanner are used in the telegram engagement groups? I would very much like to give it a colossal list of users and have it like the most...
  3. silgro

    Problem with it show following but it doesnt follow

    Hello, I installed with this tutorial: I set only following and everything is working fine, it is showing that bot is following people but it actually doesnt. Also it is showing that Im following the same id over and over. Can someone help me with this problem? Thank you in advance
  4. I

    Like only the latest photos on

    Hey, im new here, and dond speak english very well. ”I am looking for a software that can autolike all my friends recent photos on my personal account.” How can I like only the latest photos of my friends on
  5. Muzan

    What is proxies and ip addresses?

    I know this is a very stupid question, but im new to staying anonymous. I am using this instagram python script ( that follows, unfollows, etc. But it also lets you type in a custom proxy, so can i have around 100 windows open at the same time, running on different...
  6. Muzan

    How to run a script 24/7

    Edit: The title is supposed to have a question mark behind it, so people know its a question and not a tutorial I was thinking about running this "" script 24/7 but both of my laptops always turn off randomly for no reason. And i dont want to have my stationary PC on all the time...