insta cpa

  1. Yump

    IG Blacklisted keywords in LP

    Yo guys , i would like to ask you about that , if i use such a keyword like "Free, Instagram, Hacks, etc .." in my landing page is that's okey? all what i know is that i can't use 'em in bio or #'s please your advises i am going with gmt2 atm Thank you!
  2. E

    What niche could make an IG newbie $20 daily?

    Hi. I have been here for a while, but just had the guts to try starting something. I have an IG account that I bought impulsively several months ago. It has about 1k followers, mostly Russians.:D Been wondering what niche to attempt in the first place. I know Porn is lucrative, but it's ruled...
  3. Imad Klyser

    CPA + Instagram

    Hello , i don't want to make the same mistakes i made for the past 365 days since i've made +10.000$ on facebook free traffic with Maxbounty and Adworkmedia but my dumbass didn't collect any single email (could've been ez money) ... so now i'm starting all over again but on Instagram and i'm...
  4. D

    Do get followers CPA offers actually give the user more followers?

    I'm running a bot and following Cryogenesis' method but I want to stay away from scamming people, if that's what it's about. If the people inputting their info after being promised followers and me getting paid actually are getting some followers, then I'm fine with it.
  5. Danny Crypto

    Where to invest 100$ today to get good return ?

    Hey, I earned 100$ and I want to invest where I can get 100% returns on monthly basis or weekly. I am ready to work for it any ideas you'll suggest I really want to look into that because I was permanently working somewhere and I left that job because it sucks ! Now I want to learn and earn...