insta automatic

  1. therp

    Jarvee VS Socinator. Which one is best?

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a tool to automate my pinterest and instagram account. Which one to choose? Jarvee or Socinator?
  2. Utkarsh Rathore

    I'm looking for Instagram old aged account

    Hello there, I am looking for an instagram old aged account The amount of followers does not matter, the posts on it are import (the older the better). Thank you.
  3. Lord_jaacob

    Need social media guru for my Instagram account

    Hi, looking to pay someone with skills and experience to consistently boost my Instagram likes, follows, views, impressions & engagements. Someone who can provide TOP quality followers and likes. Please contact me with your rates. Thank you in Advance
  4. HustleTong

    Growing IG accounts

    So, guys, I've been lately trying to figure out whole IG thing. I'm not used to IG bots nor proxies etc.. which are prerequisites for thriving growth and to manage all of them at once. How many IG accs could be created using the same IP? How does bots like jarvee work for simultaneous access to...
  5. S

    Will automation ever die?

    Do you think instagram automation will ever die?
  6. yumduck

    How can i automatise Ig Stories?

    Hi, i wan't to automatise ig stories. Allready check Jarvee, Buffer and a lot of softwares. The best thing i've find is only to post instant stories (without delay) An feature fonction that i need is to post survey in my ig stories Some ideas? Thanks a lot
  7. P

    Instagram Hashtag Research

    1)Someone could get me best hashtags for Instagram to promote sales of my product or increase impression on my insta image. 2)Need Fake 1000 followers at the cheapest rate 3) Need Instagram shoutouts at a cheap price 4) recommend best software to auto made the instagram for followers
  8. Dmitry Belanskiy

    Instagram Anti-Spam System

    Hello everyone! I am trying to solve the problem with Instagram anti-spam and automatic direct message sender - an internet service that sends welcome messages to new subscribers. There are a lot of such services,you just sign into your instagram account inside the service and it can send any...
  9. PowerKnipser

    What is the best Instagram automation tool?

    I want you to vote which Instagram automation tool is the best, because I want to figure out which one I will use in the future :)
  10. B

    Accounts blocked by instagram every day: how to do?

    Hi all, I'm using rootjazz instadub to manage thousands of accounts (created with pva creator) and the two software work perfectly. The problem is that instagram every day blocks many accounts with telephone verification. I use smspva which is great, I verify them with it, but after a few days...
  11. D


    Hi Guys, I am new to the site (ish) I just signed up to InstaMacro for me to unfollow a bunch of users before I start with a new method. It feels expensive at 60 dollars a month. Has anyone else used it or has a similar web based alternative? Thanks :)