insta auto

  1. panfik

    Instagram Methods

    Hi guys, I’ve been doing social media management for the past 3 years and account growth for businesses with traditional Instagram methods, such as mother/slave, cold dm, IG ads, follow unfollow and more basic ones that worked quite well What other methods are you guys using other than...
  2. S

    Software builder

    Hey guys i want to create my own smm to do that i want someone to help me create a bot that can create multiple instagram accounts and manage them (follow,like,post,comment,send dm)
  3. F

    Hi, nice to join you

    Hello so happy to find a safe place to communicate and engage about social media. I am mostly looking to buy accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) to increase my online presence, health and beauty niche. Also looking for an account for my dog to sell doggie Products in the United...
  4. Movementking

    Any real method to grow on instagram?

    So is there any working method to get real Followers on your insta account? i`ve seen so many threads asking this on this page now but none of the replies were really helpful....on the marketplace there are a bunch of sellers where you can buy likes and follows, but these are all dead ones. i...
  5. O

    Insta Bot that hides new followings' posts from the feed

    Hi, I'm searching for Insta Bot / Software , with feature allowing new followings' post be hidden from the feed.. which means only personal followings will appear . not spammy bot
  6. D

    How to set follow sources on GMT2

    this mind sound stupid but i just started GMT2 and can’t find where to set follow sources . How can i set my follow sources ?
  7. R

    Instagram Bulk "Suspicious Activity" With GMT2

    Hello! I handle and grow Instagram accounts of many third parties using GMT2. I take care to use proxies from 3 different sources (Instant proxies,, proxy6). The follow activities are scheduled according to the customer's time zone, for just 3-4 hours a day. This is so too many...
  8. MrFady


    Hello black hatters, If there's anyone with a working iMacros code for Instagram auto Like, comment, follow and unfollow. Please reply to this thread I'm using an old version of firefox so I still can use iMacros with it, but all my codes are outdated and not working anymore, I tried to edit...
  9. shimi

    Get Unlimited Facebook,Instagram,YouTube Unique content! Create STUNNING 100 Quotes in 7 seconds!

    Work ONLY on WINDOWS 7 and WINDOWS 10 SPECIAL LAUNCH COUPONS: I create limited number coupons of $15 discount - so get INSTAQUOTE for ONLY 12$ The coupon code is: "insta15" I create limited number coupons of $27 discount - so get INSTAQUOTE + VIDEO BOMBER for ONLY 20$ The coupon code is...
  10. rachelzhong

    [ Insta help ] Bulk Account Creation + Bulk Log In + Bulk Upload

    Hi all, I’m a new BHW user. I’m interested in managing Instagram accounts in bulk. However, many software/apps mentioned in previous BHW threads have almost become infeasible/old tricks which don’t work now. I use Macbook OS btw. 3 aspects I want to learn: (1) [ Bulk account creation ]...
  11. Y


    Hi all , first sorry for my bad english I am new to this forum i started with instagram and cpa offers but no results witch are the best offers to promote with instagram ? and is there free Tools to help me because i am newbie ? hope i make some dollars to start with paid traffic Can you...
  12. xRex

    Free instagram Bot

    Hello .. I have a little question. and that .. I am looking for small free bot for instagram .. which is good for begranger Thanks a lot.!
  13. Master Duster

    [AMAZING] Crush Instagram With GramChamp - The Only Online Instagram Bot You Need

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