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  1. C

    Competitor Inner Page outranks my Exact Match Domain

    I have an exact match domain with branded keyword like A competitor has an innerpage like which outranks my homepage on position 1 while I have position 2 I have more links to my homepage than his entire site and also I have a verified GMB...
  2. SEOGoat

    Build Links to Homepage or Inner Pages ??

    So one question I wanted to ask (more I wanted anyone's view is on this) I have 100's of pages on one of my project and the competition is getting pretty hard. I was thinking of changing my strategy to build links mainly to the homepage instead of so many inner pages. Will building links to...
  3. olo555

    One inner page gets deindexed...

    Hi, i have whitehat niche website 1 year aged, all of inner pages are in top 5 for all keywords and have unique content. But couple days ago one of inner pages for one keyword in top 4, was deindexed. I dont know what happend i dont have any message in GWT :/ maybe someone have similar situation...
  4. SjacPhoto

    Homepage - Inner Page Link Ratio - Google

    Hi Guys, I know there are a lot of discussions when it comes to link building and whether You should target the homepage or pages directly. For some 80/20 homepage/inner pages works, for others, it is the other way around. I don't want to discuss which is better now. Since I am actively...
  5. L

    PBN post inner page vs homepage

    Hello,I am intersted on buying some PBN links here in BHW marketplace and I would like to know if there is a big difference when a post made for my site from A Private blog and after two weeks move to inner page vs making this post to be sticky on homepage of this private blog? If there is a...
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