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    Noob Intro

    Hi I've been through a lot and really old people tell me i have enough time so this is me making the most of my time. I love knowledge. Teach me!
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    Is WordPress Secure?

    WordPress is one of the most high-profile open source CMS's in use today. Being that 60% of all CMS websites use Wordpress, and 31% of all websites on the Internet use it, it's safe to say that it's a frequent target of security exploits. The subject of whether WordPress is secure or not has...
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    I cold call infosec buyers, have them speak to my CEO..

    I call 100 numbers per day using DiscoverOrg, not trying to sell anything directly, but to simply get a IT Security person who makes purchasing decisions , to accept a calendar invite to speak with my Boss for 10-20 mins anytime later when available.(a few days from then, 2 weeks, whenever)...