influencer marketing platform

  1. 4ry4n

    [Question] Best Influencer Marketing Platform to find influencers to promote a service?

    Greetings BHW, I wanted to ask, what is your preferred influencer marketing platform where I can find many influencers in a niche to contract to promote an online service? Thank you,
  2. GringoMonkey

    ● [JV] ● Your eCom Brand, My Influencers

    If you have an ecom brand i can provide influencers to promote it in return for free product for the influencers. I can also explain a nice business model where you would profit directly from the influencer. This works especially well with womens brands.
  3. GringoMonkey

    [JV] You bring influencers, i bring them deals.

    I am looking at setting up a new influencer agency, with a bit of a twist, involving crypto. I know the exact influencers you should be targeting. It is just the scale means i need help contacting them. Your responsibilty will be bringing in influencers. I will set up the deals that make them...
  4. aditya113

    What are some Influencer Marketing Places? Where I as a business can post about my Product and influencers appy for it?

    I have a shopify store where I sell Hot chocolate (It's really amazing!) Now I am looking for some good influencers. I have done 100+ deals before but it is really tedious to screen and track every influencer. Any places / leads / recommendation?
  5. D

    How to make money as a micro influencer on Instagram?

    Hi I am a micro influencer on Instagram with around 12k followers and growing and I have seen people with around the same following as me make money with sponsored posts. I am in the travel nitch as I am a travel blogger. Does anyone know how I approach brands and what brands do I look for and...
  6. GenesisOne

    List of Influencers Websites and Software

    I think it could be useful to share a list of some of the most relevant websites to find and reach influencers for those interested in doing influencer marketing: Bradbacker Buzzoole Buzzstream Klear...
  7. KHR

    Instagram Influencer Network Suggestion..?

    Hello, I am looking for Best Instagram Influencer Network, Can you please suggest me any good network.? Thanks in advice.
  8. S

    Instagram & Facebook Influencers wanted!

    We are looking for great Influencers, which fit to our our finance & crypto currency platform. Target Markets: Germany, UK, USA, France, Spain + all englisch speaking people. Influencer Age: 27+ Influencer Fans: 50.000+ Influencer Interests: Success, Lifestyle, Rap/HipHop, Earn Money...
  9. NProductions

    Lets Discuss about Influencer Marketing ..

    What kind of Platform would benefit Both Brands & influencers.. what are your thoughts... TGIF ))