india law

  1. Impressor

    Non-US resident needs tax advice for proposed US LLC

    Hi there. I would like to know tax implications between setting up a company in India and the US (preferably in the states of Delaware, Nevada, or Wyoming). I aspire to deal in IT services (Web/App Dev, SaaS products, etc) and my operations will be from India, at least currently. Most of my...

    For Indians - How are you managing Taxes, while making money online

    Hello Bhai Log, Just Recently I joined this internet marketing world, Also just this year turned 18. So that means I am now legally adult and all my the documents are ready now... I noticed that for any financial transactions we need Tax Number of GST number... In dropshipping for signing up...
  3. S

    From US Stealth account to Payoneer to bank?

    Hey guys, a 16 year old Shopify dropshipper here. So as to recieve payments I bought a stealth PayPal from a seller here. So to move the money I'm going to transfer it to my father's Payoneer account and from there to the indian bank account because I'm an Indian citizen. How do you think should...
  4. Danny Crypto

    [Goal 2018] Build a Pornsite

    Hey BHWers, I'm from India and I've just decided that I'll build a pornsite and will start everything for it in this upcoming month. I've selected videos which will only point out to my niche right now I want to build niche specific then after this, I'll try for a huge website. So in India, it...
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