income tax

  1. H

    How to show the profit from SMM Panel for filling income tax in india

    Being a SMM Panel reseller we simply purchase services and resell them by keeping very low margins but there are no bill, receipts or invoices we can show so how can we show our profits to file income tax, is showing our business as a crypto trading individual work please help if someone have...
  2. Heiko

    19K Income Tax - What the actual fuck?

    Dude, i don't know what to say but 19000 € income tax is just waaaay to much. Plus that is just the income tax. The VAT isn't calculated in this. My tax laywer told me that if i keep continue earning like this my taxes will get very large. I live in germany and it is a hellhole when it comes to...
  3. natedogg

    Claiming SEO for Taxes

    Hey, wondering if I can claim taxes from last year if I paid x amount of dollars every month on SEO? Would I claim the whole amount or is there a max amount? I'm in the US. Thanks
  4. natedogg

    Owing Thousands of Dollars!!!

    Hoping for some advice! I just did my income tax with turbo tax just to see a estimate and when I put in my regular 9-5 job and affiliate earnings I owe over 5,000 dollars!! I know it might not be much for some. I am filling as married with a young toddler and from the USA. Looking for the best...
  5. DFunny

    Tax question on getting paid under the table

    I'm thinking about working for a cam whore AFN that my buddy is a member. I'm very confident I'd be able to earn $1k+ a week. But I'm a little concerned about that way the money is paid out. Earnings are payed out via paypal for "services". I get the impression that I'm not supposed to say...
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