1. kn1ves

    [IMPORTANT] You might be putting your money site in jeopardy

    Hey, first off let me inform you that I'm posting this thread to spread awareness about how a small detail when overlooked can potentially expose your money site. I don't think this has been shared before. I am sharing this so that you can secure your money site and prevent exposing your...
  2. Ashish.aj

    How can i contact the Moderators ?

    How can i contact the Moderators ? I need to talk to moderators about something important. Can any moderator PM me please.
  3. K

    Telegram Women's Fashion Engagement Group 30K+

    Female model here, and will be starting an New Engagement group (comments/likes) for female Fashion/Models/Influencers/Bloggers Niche No spam accounts please! Min Requirements + Must be in Fashion, Models/Actors, Influencers/bloggers Niche--high quality posts + 30k Followers min + Group will be...
  4. Xiroz

    IG Men/Womens Fashion an Style Engagement Group!

    Will be starting an New Engagement group for the Fashion Niche Min Requirements + Must be in Fashion Niche + 400 Followers min + Group will be on IG If ALOT of people wants to join the group i will Upgrade it to telegram Post your IG username here or PM Me so i can add you LIMITED SPOTS
  5. InnovativeSEO

    Android HELP. HTC One X in "safe mode" and NEED the Pics-Please [email protected]@K

    This thread is requesting any assistance on behalf of a friend who is a new Mom & ALL of her infants pictures are now missing from her Android. I appreciate advice on this one, and happy to compensate anyone for taking a few minutes to advise me. I'm unfamiliar with HTC phones so thought I...
  6. H

    I am back from the dead

    For those who noticed me gone, well done, i have been away cause basically i couldnt even concentrate on the computer, nor look at a screen, i had/have glandular fever/similar illness/sickness, and have been taking a little time off. But now that im back lets SUPER boost our forum back to the...