1. zotix

    [ Very Urgent 12 hours ] Hiring a Professional Marketplace Graphic Designer for Product Cover Design (Low effort)

    Dear Graphic Designers out there, I am seeking a Marketplace Graphic Designer who is well-versed in creating Product cover Designs. Unfortunately, the person hired on Fiverr messed it up and made it look like an anime pack when it should look impressive and luxurious. Upfront: Since this is a...
  2. kn1ves

    [IMPORTANT] You might be putting your money site in jeopardy

    Hey, first off let me inform you that I'm posting this thread to spread awareness about how a small detail when overlooked can potentially expose your money site. I don't think this has been shared before. I am sharing this so that you can secure your money site and prevent exposing your...
  3. Ashish.aj

    How can i contact the Moderators ?

    How can i contact the Moderators ? I need to talk to moderators about something important. Can any moderator PM me please.
  4. K

    Telegram Women's Fashion Engagement Group 30K+

    Female model here, and will be starting an New Engagement group (comments/likes) for female Fashion/Models/Influencers/Bloggers Niche No spam accounts please! Min Requirements + Must be in Fashion, Models/Actors, Influencers/bloggers Niche--high quality posts + 30k Followers min + Group will be...
  5. Xiroz

    IG Men/Womens Fashion an Style Engagement Group!

    Will be starting an New Engagement group for the Fashion Niche Min Requirements + Must be in Fashion Niche + 400 Followers min + Group will be on IG If ALOT of people wants to join the group i will Upgrade it to telegram Post your IG username here or PM Me so i can add you LIMITED SPOTS
  6. InnovativeSEO

    Android HELP. HTC One X in "safe mode" and NEED the Pics-Please L@@K

    This thread is requesting any assistance on behalf of a friend who is a new Mom & ALL of her infants pictures are now missing from her Android. I appreciate advice on this one, and happy to compensate anyone for taking a few minutes to advise me. I'm unfamiliar with HTC phones so thought I...
  7. H

    I am back from the dead

    For those who noticed me gone, well done, i have been away cause basically i couldnt even concentrate on the computer, nor look at a screen, i had/have glandular fever/similar illness/sickness, and have been taking a little time off. But now that im back lets SUPER boost our forum back to the...
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