1. Harnur

    How to hide text inside the image from Google?

    I am making some banner ads. The text inside the image is not passing moderation. Google can read the text inside the image. Is there a way to hide it(from Google) or trick Google into thinking something else? any help wud be appreciated, thanks.
  2. argozzz

    [A.I.] Picture from your Text (unlimited for everyone)

    Hi everyone! My name is argozzz :) I recently started getting interested in neural networks. I am testing a new neural network trained on my models (not midjourney) and ready to generate images for you based on your text. Type your prompt here and I will send you picture :) PS. The number...
  3. JohnKowalski

    [Free] Face creator 3d

    Awesome tool turns 2D images into 3D and more... :
  4. ProblemSolution

    Where to get Adsense Blog Image?

    I was created a celebrity blog, Download and Uploaded image from other blog. My Adsense account got suspended for copy image. Many people have celebrity image in their blog and using adsense. So, Where did you collect image for your adsense blog?
  5. hercai

    How can I view the entire "Media Library" on a Wordpress Site

    Hello, is there a way I can find the images that the Wordpress site has uploaded so far, that is, in the "Media Library"? Previously, I tried to view all the images by trying the following addresses, but I could not;
  6. illuminateme

    [FREE by DONATION] Webservice to Scrape IMAGES into URLs by your KEYWORDS

    [EDIT: SITE DOWN ALREADY :mad: WORKING ON RESTORING] Ever had to bulk add a list of images into your ecommerce or whatever database, and didn't time to manually pick out images on google? Well I had to, and there wasn't a tool for it, the best thing I found was a bunch of stack overflow...
  7. razharov

    Text to Picture AI, embedding?

    Hi anyone, I wanna make a website in my local language that's really simple. I want to make the website in my local language, while embedding someone's Text to Image AI generator. Like: Stable Diffusion or anything that works. Does anyone know a generator that I could embed? Thanks
  8. M

    Specialists wanted for Image editing / graphic design (Photoshop / Graphic Designer)

    Hello all, at this point we are looking for an absolute specialist. It is about the following: We need a graphic designer / Photoshop expert who can adapt photos and files (PDF) and make them editable. Anyone who can help us, give us tips, do these things for us, can get in touch with us...
  9. D

    Techniques to give images more unique footprints without substantially changing their appearance?

    I was wondering if there were any techniques or tricks or methods that can take an image, and make it seem more unique to search engines, without substantially altering the image appearance. Are there any methods, or libraries or tools you can use, to do this?
  10. snowmanstudio

    Suggest Me A Theme for Wallpaper Website

    I want to make a wallpaper downloading website... But didn't find any wallpaper theme... - wordpress/ Next Js / PHP
  11. snowmanstudio

    How To Scrap Only Image(.JPG .PNG etc) from a whole website (not just a page)?

    I want to scrap all image file from a website. Any tools for this? :alien:
  12. P

    Help need for Images

    Hello all, I need some answers for images, I am very confused, pls try and help- 1-For Astra what image size should I use for cover, banner, or images inside content? I can optimize with Photoshop, canva, and gimp. 2-will you recommend Shortpixel after I use photoshop. I dont want to spend on...
  13. Smugl

    List of sites with free stock photos

    Stock Up: The best free stock photos from different websites in one place. Pexels: The best free stock photos in one place. All The Free Stock: Free stock images, icons, and videos. Unsplash: Free (do what you want) high-resolution photos. Splashbase: Search for free high-resolution photos...
  14. M

    How to post images multiple times in many difftent accounts

    Hi guys im looking for ideas or tools that allow me to post 1 image on instagram , the same image will be broadcasted on other instagram accounts and pintrest Please help any ideas to do that i have no budget to start with ,
  15. crissdinesh

    Lazyloding images hosted on CDN is a good or bad idea?

    Hi BHW, I’m thinking about lazy loading the images hosted on a CDN? Is it a good idea or not? Will this combination works well? Looking for a piece of advice.
  16. S

    I need to find this image...

    I have tried every reversed image search engine but none seem to work, maybe someone knows how to find it?
  17. Slabs

    What software PC/Android can do this?

    So I do digital drawings on Photoshop and I want to have a before and after version as a video and I want an animation like scrubbing to reveal the other image. What software can I use for this. Anyone? Thanks.
  18. L

    Do Facebook have any filter for specific images?

    I've uploaded one image over thousand times, and it works fine until this morning. I don't think they banned my accounts by any text filters cause i used Random Digits for comment to avoid any filters. but since this morning, my accounts starts getting banned from Facebook when i upload that...
  19. S

    Image vs Imagination

    This is what comes to my mind when I have seen it! If there are @TheVigilante and @Razen666 in the first image, then who will be a one in the middle of the second image.. any guess..?? Yes, It's absolutely @Queen Heidi ... :D:D:DLOL Let's share who is coming to your mind when you see this...
  20. N

    Unsplash images scraper

    Hi all, I will need to retrieve the highest resolution images on a keyword entered on Unsplash. I would like to know if there were scrapers, softwares or easy scripts to use solutions. I started looking at the official Unsplash API and, although I think I can get there with time (probably even...
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