imacros problems

  1. shoutout

    iMacros argent script help please.

    Hello, everyone. I am new here and i am seeking argent help please! i have this Imacros script which looks like i need forever to solve my issue, so i decided to ask experts, so if you please lead me how to set the fixed user ID to something that Imacros can read each time if user ID...
  2. C

    imacros help clicking links on a page and page navigation

    Hello Black Hat, im a very newbie, i just want to ask your help about imacros on how to automate. BAsically I want to click at links on a certain pagem then after all links will be clicked i want to navigate on the next page(theres a page navigation numbers) example: link1 link2 link3 . . ...
  3. A

    [iMacros] Txt file to a browser upload.

    Guyz. Q1-Does anyone know how to upload a txt file to a web browser? I'm using firefox. I know how to extract the text from a webpage but I dont know how to upload that file to a article directory? Q2-Can we save extracted txt from different pages into a single page? Can anyone lend me a...
  4. D

    Need Imacro Experts

    we are looking for imacro experts to create a simple web scrapper scripts. please pm me, if you have experience with imacros .
  5. ch8878

    Need iMacros help

    Can I get this code to pass CAPCHA ? TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:TEXT FORM=ACTION:captcha.asp ATTR=NAME:code CONTENT=jmcvm TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:SUBMIT FORM=ACTION:captcha.asp ATTR=NAME:submit&&VALUE:Continue<SP>>> And also when filling in information can I replace like a name or address with random...
  6. E

    Do you have doubts using Imacros? I can hel you to resolve it

    Hello guys, I just want to return the favor to this marvelous community. I have around 8 years programming with PHP and other languages and around 1 year with Imacros. I use both together to bring complete web automation software (Imacros scripting edition and PHP 5). (If I need something...