1. ext1508

    Instagram Story tool

    I am really having trouble with stories i need a light weight story editor software where i can add stickers emojis resize videos. Also anyone know a good story scheduler with the option to tag add hashtags polls emoji sliders, the basic ig app layout options. Thanks
  2. D

    Instagram following limit/ How come they are following 3.5M people

    Hey guys, I have been doing im and smm for several years and from what i know I thought there is a limit of 7500 accounts you can follow on Instagram. Any thoughts on this?
  3. Z

    Question about users in instagram who tag hundreds of thousands of people in the comments.

    Hey, this is my first post. So lately I am getting tagged in the comments by instagram accounts with a low amount of followers. (i'm talking about 2k followers roughly) They use a account with 2k followers and even have a verified check mark on their profile. These people are making almost 200k...