1. Asad as

    Instagram PVA Bug :/

    Today Instagram Hit My 20 Accounts with Phone validation, I can't afford 20 numbers at once. so what do I do to fix this? please let me know Ps.all accounts are aged about weeks follow limits are 300/day everything is fine except my proxies I am using Private Proxies...
  2. kretchi

    A tired MARINE in PURSUIT of financial INDEPENDENCE - IG + OGAds

    A little about myself and what I did in past Hi guys, I've been a marine for 5 years and my life has not been very easy since I joined. I serve in a battalion that goes to many missions (infantry) and this prevents me from planning my life as I would like. College, family, friends, hobbies ...
  3. tux

    [Method] Create hundreds on Instagram accounts per Day !

    I'll cut this short, lots of people have switched to creating their own instagram accounts after facing recent follow blocks etc. Creating your own accounts is always better IMO. Requirements - Igramtool account creator by @mihai1497 [not affiliated in any way] Emails [ you can get cheap...
  4. tux

    [Method] Don't Buy domains ever again on IG+CPI

    So, i'm back with another guide to help fellow instagrammers. You guys may ask what's wrong with a free pre-lander like weebly or wix ? The cvr suffers a lot when using prelanders. you will atleast see a 5% cvr increase using direct linking. We are going to use amazon s3 to host landing pages...
  5. tux

    [Method] Recover your engagement on Instagram

    Well almost everyday i see some user asking this question again. My engagement has dropped , my account is dead yada yada yada. This guide is most useful for people doing follow/unfollow. Warning - this guide is long with no pics , you have been warned ! First of all i'm going to say something...
  6. Lilgwanz

    Giving Instagram a Shot:Journey To $100 A Day

    FIRST OF THE TITLE IS A CLICK BAIT:) So after going through this forum for a while i have decided to give instagram a shot and i plan on just scaling up whatever i make at first. THINGS I HAVE SET UP ALREADY: 1-A vps $8 2-5 PVA Instagram accounts made by me (sim cards are dirt cheap in my...
  7. Passiwe

    IG + OgAds

    Hello guys, how are you today ? I have 2 accounts right now, 1.5k followers and 5k followers on another. Can i use ig + ogads on them or it's about risky ? I prefer to use ig + ogads on newer accounts with no content on them. Any advices ?
  8. A

    what should i do to improve MY Compaign

    hi guys i have 4 account running on followliker : i follow 450 per day for each account . i gain 80 - 120 followers per day for each account link in bio : 10 clicks to landing page ogads : between 0 - 2 conversion per day gain : 0,30 $ per day According to this state , to...
  9. A

    [Important] It's normal this followliker stats ?

    hi guys i'm running followliker and i got 7% to 20% followback rate , see the photo bellow . i have changed the profil source still not big change , anyone know to to deal with this issue . i don't want to increase daily follow or add many accounts . i want to gain at least 100 followers per...
  10. A

    followliker following problem

    hi BHW , i'm using followliker to automate task , but i notice when i start followliker , the followback is really high , after 3 hours of running the follow back drop dramatically , this is the state in the first 30 minute of launch followliker : Followers followings 30...
  11. Davidsongilbert00

    Ig+Ogads Journey tom $20/day

    Hi everyone, I'm David, A student From Nigeria My Story I came to Here as a newbie in IM(Never knew what IM was), I saw Many people Here succeeding in the Im business So i decided to Checkout what it was all about and i saw what i...
  12. ideastro


    Hello everyone, welcome to my thread :) Lets cut to the chase, currently I have Massplanner($17 a month), 5 proxies($10 a month), and bought 10 accounts for $2.50. The accounts I bought are non pva fresh accounts and I am pving them using private Filipino sims. Day 1: Loaded up all accounts and...