1. B

    SOS! Ig Account Creation PROBLEMS!

    Hello guyes well what i'm trying to do is to make some money using CPA+IG method! till now created only two IG accounts, the rest i'm having a lot of problem even thought i use Multi-memu with diffrent device ids and a new proxy in each one! i'm getting sick of, and now gmail is demanding phone...
  2. X

    Why not just use direct linking offers ?

    I am always using ig+cpa method but with landing page + content locker and the link have a cloaker but when i get conversion the payout are maximum 5$ on 1 cvr when i see some offer can get you more than 20$ just with 1 offer i asked myself why not just get link of the offer and cloak it then...
  3. X

    (Problem) Ig +Cpa

    I have now 3 accounts that are getting good follow backs my strategy is based on sending DM to new followers who follow back so basically most of them are interested on the offer the problem is that sometimes i get 1 conversion with only 2 clicks on the lp link knowinh that i use cloaker so...
  4. ahmar2

    OGAds vs MaxBounty CPA Offers for IG Traffic

    Hello Everyone, I am about to buy some aged IG accounts, dedicated proxies and some automation tool like Grambot or GMT2. I plan to put links of my websites with easy to fill CPA offers. Basically it will be a domain name redirecting to an affiliate offer. Regarding Affiliate Offers what...
  5. zawad_karim

    BLACK FRIDAY DEAL for respective Jr.Vips

    BLACK FRIDAY DEAL Free INSTAGRAM Views for every Jr.Vip on BHW min. 100 and max. 5000 1 user with 1 link only Post your usernames here so that we can make sure that you are a Jr. Vip Enjoy
  6. S

    [JOURNEY] To $200/day and beyond with IG+CPA

    Hi everyone, I am completely new to BHW and Internet Marketing (IM). I have been reading on others' journeys about hustling in IG+OGads or CPA in general and have taken interest in this method of IM. A little about me I am working in a Civil Construction Company and trying to take control of my...
  7. Asad as

    adult cpa

    which adult network should i go for? please let me know i have huge instagram traffic and have a crakerevenue account but here people are saying that crak hate ig traffic so any adult cpa baller here who can give me a advice in this?
  8. Asad as

    Instagram PVA Bug :/

    Today Instagram Hit My 20 Accounts with Phone validation, I can't afford 20 numbers at once. so what do I do to fix this? please let me know Ps.all accounts are aged about weeks follow limits are 300/day everything is fine except my proxies I am using Private Proxies...
  9. D

    Ogads + Adult Niche.. whats wrong?

    Hi Im using ogads content locker to monetize my adult accounts on IG. I Have 68 impressions, 3 clicks and 0 convertion. Bad stats I think, whats wrong with my approach? I mean im using a pre-lander (you are getting out of ig) -> lander (free leadsanity) - > content locker But is not working...
  10. -EXP0SED-

    link shortening on Instagram

    Hi Guys so i have started warming my accounts for my Instagram, i am wondering whats the safest way to put the link in the bio, i know if i put the same bitly in 50 different accounts bio its rip from there lol any advice would be great full Thanks in Advance
  11. V

    $500/day using IG + CPA

    Hi guys, So it's been a while since I've been reading about IG and seeing people bank hard from IG (which kinda made me more hopeful). I've researched almost everything about IG and have followed a lot of threads up to the end of them (even if they were 68 pages long journey threads). I went...
  12. chriztopherson

    Should I be cloaking my links?

    So each account has a different domain, but they are all on the same hosting plan ( i just use the add on domain feature with host gator) Can IG make a connection between all my domains, because of this?
  13. tux

    [Method] Don't Buy domains ever again on IG+CPI [part 2]

    If you haven't read the method 1 already, Read it here - https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/method-dont-buy-domains-ever-again-on-ig-cpi.960125/ When doing ig+cpi, direct-linking always have more cvr than using a pre-lander. In this method, i'm going to talk about setting up a pre-lander that...