ig marketing

  1. Iron Sheik

    Best Place To Find Clients For IG Marketing

    Hey Blackhat community, I have been having a lot of difficulty finding clients the past few months and I am wondering if any of you have some insight as to what I may be doing wrong or if there is a better place I can look for clients. I mainly relied on Criaglist as my lead generator, but I...
  2. M

    How to get more sales selling IG courses?

    Hey guys, So I've had some luck recently just sending dms to people offering lifetime mentoring and 3000$ worth of the top courses on IG. But I'm not satisfied I feel like I could do better does anybody have any tips on how to land some more leads?
  3. D

    Instagram Growth Strategy with Child Accounts to Get Real, Engaging and Targeted Followers.

  4. PowerKnipser

    Instadub Scraping Problem

    Hey all, I have a problem scraping followers of a specific IG page with instadub. When I start the process, it fails. The log says it tried to find the username i wanted it to scrape from, but didnt find it. It always says "failed to get userprofile details" Does someone know more about this...
  5. Super Panda

    IG Marketing Quesitons

    So I just started to get into IG Marketing and make some cash. Like any newbie, I have some questions - Q1. Can I create multiple Instagram accounts using the same e-mail(Gmail dot trick) Q2. How do I show my offers(sponsors I will give)? Should I just write my prices in the bio or say"For...