ig farming

  1. D

    Instagram Jouney to 20,000-100,000 accounts botting (I'm currently at 5k)

    Well, Hi. I made a similar thread a months ago, so take this thread as a "Part 2" :) . I was a newbie and didn't know a lot of things I know now. Also, I didn't know some of the BHW rules so I even got banned once. But now I'm here, with a lot more knowledge, thankfully I'm Jr.VIP now. So, I...
  2. Gial

    Your experience on Ig!

    I guys,i would like to create a network of like 20 instagram accounts,i have already bought jarvee for up to 75 accounts.What are the next steps to create accounts that will last.I have a little bit experience with proxies,botting,vps but i need to know your step to step. Thanks guys!
  3. Gial

    it s so hard only for me ?

    OK guys,i need your help. I have created some accounts with the creation tool on Jarvee,The set up is Go to the tool,it creates username and password,i put e mail and proxy and the tool create it.i Connect Them with ipv4 proxy from proxy6.net.As soon as they post 1 post or give 2 likes they get...
  4. D

    Instagram Journey to growing my SMMA

    Hello, let me introduce myself: I'm fairly new here as a registered member in BHW but I've been learning here for a long while. I'll do my best in order to help everyone I can. Important to say that everything will be based in my experience also IMO. As soon as I reached the minimum...
  5. MR.Spuf

    1000+ IG accounts + Dropshipping + Amazon FBA

    It's about time that I need to start my thread here to keep me accountable in my journey. I've become BHW member a couple months back, and after I got a sense what's going on here (awesome things) I've already started to feel angry to myself because I didn't discovered this place at least...
  6. proxified

    Instagram journey to 50,000 accounts botting

    Ok, this is my first journey thread at BHW and let me mention I am not a pro, and actually not even close to being a pro. I will share a bit about my background here. I have been into IM from about 10 years now. Its been like 9 years since I have been at BHW though I wasn't much active here...
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