ig botting

  1. javadth

    followliker and instagram problem

    hi im using followliker for my 1 account per 1 vps , its 1 account on this vps now its a days im getting erros im using followliker i can like pics with my phone but when my followliker wants to like a pic gets this error : Last response code: 400 -> feedback_required Action Blocked This...
  2. saadoff

    Instagram hashtags exposure

    Hello guys, so I'm testing some stuff in instagram that I will try to share later, I got some amazing results tbh but I'm trying to get the best out of it, my question is : Is there any way to know which hashtag (i'm using) is getting the most exposure or is ranking good ?
  3. Vybra

    1-5 or 20+ IG accounts?

    Been working on several Instagram pages, but cannot manage to create quality content for every page. Should I only manage 1-5 IG pages with high-quality content or concentrate on getting quantity. These pages will be primarily used in the future to promote my dropshipping stores. What has...
  4. hasan7707

    Tired of the follow blocks on instagram

    My accounts got follow block due to too much following. So I let them rest for 2 days. Then I again when tried to continue it kept on showing the follow block. I figured I should give it some more time, after three days, the follow block ain't gone. It has been happening for like the last 15...