ig automation

  1. sonyhp

    Anyone still using jarvee?

    Hello all, Anyone still using jarvee for their SM audience growing? I used jarvee for a year, it was fine back then. Lately I noticed IG as targeting all of these bots! Is it still as functioning as it used to be?
  2. M

    Socioscraper not scapping data

    Hi, hope you are doing Well. When scapping ig through socioscraper, I get 0 username.. can some one help me?
  3. R

    Jarvee Question

    I just started using Jarvee for one of my accounts. I'm new to the whole automation thing for IG. I started getting emails saying "We Noticed a New Login, " from a device using chrome mobile, in Columbus Ohio. I was wondering if this was a normal thing for Jarvee, maybe their servers are based...
  4. B

    Help Me getting Best Proxies For IG Automation, Please

    Could you please recommend me getting the best proxy site for Instagram accounts automation? I use Followliker software. Which proxies are best for IG automation? From where I can buy and how much? Thanks in advance.
  5. D

    Instagram Jouney to 20,000-100,000 accounts botting (I'm currently at 5k)

    Well, Hi. I made a similar thread a months ago, so take this thread as a "Part 2" :) . I was a newbie and didn't know a lot of things I know now. Also, I didn't know some of the BHW rules so I even got banned once. But now I'm here, with a lot more knowledge, thankfully I'm Jr.VIP now. So, I...
  6. johnhustle007

    Static Residential IP or Normal Proxies and why?

    Hey gang, What are you using to manage your Instagram accounts Static Residential Proxy or Normal Proxies?
  7. D

    Instagram Journey to growing my SMMA

    Hello, let me introduce myself: I'm fairly new here as a registered member in BHW but I've been learning here for a long while. I'll do my best in order to help everyone I can. Important to say that everything will be based in my experience also IMO. As soon as I reached the minimum...
  8. O

    New IG Scraper?

    Need a scrapper, that can scrape followers, gender, whitelist , likes etc and scrape fast bonus if it can scrape age and stories
  9. Richard Batsbak

    [WTB] Instagram Bot To Have An Overview For DMs

    Hello, I need a bot that, is abled to show me all dm´s of mutiple account one after one, so I can answere them and go instant to the next. The bot should be able to manage 100+ account and should support proxies and should not cause problems with GMT2. It should have a function to see unseen...
  10. M

    is GMT2 doesn't support video repost?

    Hi every, started my Instagram Journey this week but got a problem with GMT2. I use batch to publich video but nothing happen. Tried to repost video from on account nothing. How to post video on IG? need your help :)
  11. johnhustle007

    Before I buy Jarvee or Mass Planner... Which is best & more reliable for IG

    Won’t be using FL no more.. I want to start using Jarvee or Mass Planner... but which one is more affective & more reliable for IG??
  12. Pawllie

    Let's help together! Only valuable advices! :)

    Hi! I have an idea how to help many members there on BHW. No one wants to share 100% of their techniques. But everyone can advise at least one tip that uses/ helps him! Let's help everyone by writing - one technique, an idea, one trick - that helps you increase the likes, followers...
  13. virtualbyron

    150 million followers in 16 month

    A few months ago I tried CPA with churn and burn accounts and made few hundreds but it was not what I'm looking for so I decided to try this opportunity seriously. A few days ago I bought 80 SIM card and hired a guy to manage the whole project. I plan to use automation until around 30k by...
  14. pulok

    How to create 100 or more IG account and maintain it for free?

    hey guys,i want to make some smail money from cpa.I find it very difficult to get free traffic from any platform to earn money.I saw a post in BHW where they where saying it is possible to run 100-500 or Instagram account and you can use it for CPA and other stuff.My question is is there any way...
  15. F

    free instagram bot

    hey i'm new to CPA and i want to try IG+OGads but i don't have money to purchase a bot if any one knows a free bot i will be thankful, i was looking every one but nothing is working and i found it hard to follow someone and wait 3 min then follow another so if some one can give us (because i...
  16. TheGameChanger

    Experience w/ Followliker? I need your help!

    Hi this is my first thread here in BHW, So I'm new to IM generally, I work on Android Apps but for the seek income sources diversification I decide to learn IM and take it as a side buz. So, I saw a lot of Journeys, guides here on BHW & on other forums so I decide to go with IG + CPA or AM...
  17. Samtondon

    Best Sources for Luxury niche

    I was using follow/unfollow method on my luxury account and was gaining a good amount of follow per day around 90-120. I just setted it once and never bothered to check the sources again. Now, I had some problem with my VPS and I was unable to access it and all my setting were in the VPS. Can...
  18. datsunguy

    [IG] What auto post software do you reconmend?

    Since MP kicked the bucket im looking for a preferably pc based software that will let me schedule posts and auto post them when I need them to, also this needs to work on multiple accounts at once. I know followliker is an option but with IG targeting botting software I dont want to fork out...
  19. Maali

    BEST automation tool for IG?

    Hi fam, I'm looking the best automation tool for IG. I'm looking for features like, targeted follow-unfollow. Schedule posts etc. Your comments are much appreciated. Regards