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  1. B

    [Hire] Grow several instagram accounts with U.S. followers

    Hello, we are looking for an instagram automation expert to help us rapidly grow several IG accounts. Specifically, the goal is for each IG account to correspond with a specific high school or college in the United States, and to gain followers that currently attend each respective school. We...
  2. the gent

    Aged IG Accounts Seller Recommendation

    Hi y'll I don't know if it's allowed, but If you used some good IG accounts on here, can someone point me who has some good Aged IG accounts, as I'm interested in buying on Bulk? already contacted some sellers on the marketplace, but they seem offline Cheers
  3. B

    SOS! Ig Account Creation PROBLEMS!

    Hello guyes well what i'm trying to do is to make some money using CPA+IG method! till now created only two IG accounts, the rest i'm having a lot of problem even thought i use Multi-memu with diffrent device ids and a new proxy in each one! i'm getting sick of, and now gmail is demanding phone...
  4. B

    is it safe to ONLY create multiple IG accounts from same device ?

    Hello guyes, My strategy for the moment is content locking using instagram, i have almost every thing already setup: - Will get proxies from buyproxies.org - For PV i will use getsmscode.com - For the boot I still didn't decide yet but i have a list in mind. Anyway, what triggers my mind is that...
  5. A

    Looking to Buy Aged Instagram Accounts

    I'm looking for aged ig accounts. Preferably >1 year old but will consider newer accounts. Doesn't matter what kind of content or how many followers the accounts will be wiped clean.
  6. E

    DM your followers on IG

    Hello Please someone with some experience in IG can answer this, after the last IG updates is it ok to mass DM your OWN followers on IG without getting banned or having any kind of problems on your account. I am looking working on my own followers not other accounts.. so is this ok with IG?
  7. O

    Growing IG accounts

    I've noticed that instagram has taken action against automation because of all the botting going, but i'm wondering if this means that you can't even grow white hat accounts using automation even if you're not flooding everyones feeds with FREE.IG.FOLL0WRZZ1241241? If so what would be your guys...
  8. Nightguy

    Need help asap, it's very important!

    Instagram just banned my main device from using the app. I can login to ig from desktop and other devices for now, but i am afraid if it's going to ban all the accounts i had on my previous device, is that possible?. Is there any way to use instagram again to my main device or its gone forever...
  9. 007accs

    ✅⚛️Fresh, Grown, Aged, Custom Niche ❤️INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS❤️ for SALE [Starting at 0.15$ per acc]⚛️✅

    ⚛️ WHAT IS THIS SERVICE? ⚛️ Are you tired of creating your own IG accounts and spending days figuring how to do it without getting blocks/bans/PVs etc.? This is the place for you. I can provide custom niche created accounts depending on your needs. How I do it? You will tell me your desired...
  10. rksama

    Instagram Bots

    Hi!!!!!! looking for somebody who can make me some good IG bot. interested please DM.
  11. micleclark

    Reply to story after view, Account Banned!

    Hay guys, Have you guys ever experience like that "Reply to story after view", my account got banned :( I just reply some emoji like "❤️ | | " Are you guys use this feature in jarvee? Let me know guys or recommend me to use this feature SAFE setting.
  12. Rockstar007

    Instagram Warmedup Niche Accounts and Fresh Niche Accounts for SALE! (Saviours of Instagram Botting)

    We are here to provide a solution for majority of problems related to instagram botting. Accounts getting banned due to improper settings? Bad warmedup accounts? Don't worry because we are here to solve these issues in your instagram botting phase. What exactly is this service? We create...
  13. Pro-Hustler

    This is Insane! IG engagement

    I'm growing an IG acc at the verge of 6k followers. I used the right hashtags and this happened! Insights from latest post:
  14. colton kopacz

    Need Child Panel for Instagram

    Whats up guys! I'm looking to get my own child-panel to try the Mother/Child growth method for Instagram. Any solid recommendations on where to get started on BHW. (Purchase the panel) Also anyone want to recommend a solid VPS to use? :) - Thanks Guys
  15. Borisha

    [HQ]Premium Instagram Accounts[5k+]

  16. S

    Linktr.ee safe for Adult?

    Hello, I tried to put my blog with adult offers on my IG Bio. I shorted them also with bit.ly but what I read and hear is that bit.ly is now spam for Instagram..I have also cloaked my accounts with a pre-lander but no chance IG Bots always detect them and ban my accounts for violating the TOS...
  17. M

    Kids Fashion / Moms

    Hi I'd like to build a network of 3-5 IG accounts that are related to kids fashion, moms / moms fashion, parenting. Can you recommend anyone selling accounts like this or anyone that can build them up from scratch if I create new accounts?
  18. jsalima

    IG Account Followers Question...

    Hi guys! I have a question that I have been philosophizing over. FIRST, A DISCLAIMER: I don't mean to criticize anyones business model or offering here or anywhere else. How you make your money is no concern of mine, unless you want to teach me how you do it - then I'm all ears! =) OK so it's...
  19. ChefCash

    HQ Instagram Accounts in many niches with real followers

    These accounts are already active with 100% real and targeted followers. All accounts have been professionally built and have been verified with a unique real phone number and used on a unique dedicated IP. With an account purchase you will receive account username, password, associated e-mail...
  20. Amirali

    Selling Instagram Accounts ★ Real followers ★ Various Niches ★★

    Hello everyone! I have high quality Instagram accounts with various niches and all my accounts are active and still growing. All accounts were grown through follow/unfollow and published HQ posts on accounts. And also the costs is based on mostly accounts engagement and followers. Accounts...