ig accounts bot

  1. Iron Sheik

    How Do You Create 100's of Your Own Instagram Accounts?

    Hey guys, So I have a question. I have been using Jarvee and I have only managed up to 5 accounts at a time. Basically, I would manage 4 clients and my own personal account. BUT, now I am thinking about autopiloting 100's of Instagram accounts and doing reposts. My only issue is that i don't...
  2. the gent

    What is best Tool for DMs

    Hey Y'll As Title says, What is some best IG bot "beside Jarvee" that have Dm new followers function ?? Thanks 4 all your suggestions
  3. O

    Insta Bot that hides new followings' posts from the feed

    Hi, I'm searching for Insta Bot / Software , with feature allowing new followings' post be hidden from the feed.. which means only personal followings will appear . not spammy bot
  4. ahmar2

    OGAds vs MaxBounty CPA Offers for IG Traffic

    Hello Everyone, I am about to buy some aged IG accounts, dedicated proxies and some automation tool like Grambot or GMT2. I plan to put links of my websites with easy to fill CPA offers. Basically it will be a domain name redirecting to an affiliate offer. Regarding Affiliate Offers what...
  5. K

    I'm facing issue of unable to ADD number in Instagram

    Hello everybuddy, I have 50 instagram accounts setup on 50 dedicated proxies and i'm using GTM2. i used normal follow/unfollow settings such as 250-270 follow and 150-200 unfollow, 50-80 like. Please i need help and i want to know anyone facing this type of issue while instagram botting. Some...
  6. sarahsaturne

    What bot do you use to grow your INSTAGRAM accounts?

    What bot do you use to grow your INSTAGRAM accounts? Could you elaborate how you are doing, step by step? Number of accounts? Proxy - number of proxies? and so on... PS - Sorry, this is my first conversation - hope I don't make any mistakes...
  7. Pro-Hustler

    Getting more reach on Instagram

    What's the best site/method to find hashtags with high exposure relevant to my niche?
  8. bmanfacts

    [Question] Best Proxies to use for IG Acct Creation & Growth?

    As the title says, I'm wondering the best proxies [providers] you've used for account creation & growth. (Your personal experience) I don't plan on Spamming or doing CPA. Just Creating accounts across various undisclosed niches and building them with the aid of software. Some are just for...
  9. M

    IG post request

    Hey BHW! I'm working on a project and I'm looking for the instagram's link where I can send a POST request to create an account. Almost like if you want to create an account using netcat and send directly the query to their server. I try to intercept the request without success, and all links...
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