ico projects

  1. Aeiden

    ICO Token Developer/ Smart Contract Developer

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for an ICO token developer who can create ICO tokens for our upcoming project. Please PM me with the price and previous project work. Thanks. AEIDEN
  2. D

    Are ICO’s dead? I think so as the “Tokenomics” don’t make sense. Wanna learn more?

    I’ve joined this community as an experienced entrepeneur, banker and blockchain project founder. To answer any questions you may have about Tokenomics :-)
  3. M

    Telegram bot

    I'm here today looking for investor to help me with my project. You will find some little details here for more info bid so we talk about it. More info could be provide in private. Already done : 1) user scrapper from others groups or channels 2) active user scrapper from others groups or...
  4. HelenaS

    Looking for ICO detective/researcher!

    Ideally you are the person that has the talent to scout and sniff out potential ICO's and separate the bad ones from good ones. You read a lot of whitepapers and investigate the ICO's inside out to discover any irregularities, illegal or shady activities. Find out everything there is to know...
  5. SEOWorlock

    ICO Groestlcoin is UP by my effort

    Ok.guys this is simple. I don't want to talk about what I do but I opened this thread for giving advise to all who are some how involved in ICO projects. I will start any discussion or give answers to any who are in this business.No newbie. Its very rare to find to talk with some one regarding...