1. K

    Looking for a freelancer that really knows how to create NFT hype and FOMO

    As the title says, someone who can show/ proof that they worked with several NFT projects (proof metrics, numbers, stats). Have several NFT collections, and now need someone who can help create hype and FOMO. No Twitter promo fake accounts and bots. Prefer Reddit and other channels. Jr. VIPs...
  2. K

    My NFTs (able to draw almost anything) + your NFT marketing and hype

    I'm sure you have heard of the goblintown project. They gave away their NFTs for free but because so much hype and FOMO was created they actually made over 4 million in royalties from OpenSea. I'm an NFT artist and I can design/ draw a lot of different styles. Like that or others. I'm looking...
  3. 4

    Looking for experienced Twitter/ Discord NFT marketer/ promoter who can hype

    As the title mentioned. I have created my own NFT project. 4000 NFTs. Need someone who have sold NFTs before/ selling out collections. Knows how to promote and hype/ create FOMO in a few days. No fake accounts/ bots. Mint will be next thursday, we split 60% your work and 40% for me. Send me...
  4. 4

    Multiple Freelancers for a big Crypto Project with real use cases (10K budget this week)

    Looking for multiple freelancers who can do the following for a client of mine. Jr VIPS only with a good reputation. Send me a DM with details like your website (if you have one) your skype/ Whatsapp. I will give those details to the CEO of this crypto project and he will be talking to you. If...
  5. mindmaster

    Are you investing or gambling? Reality check [Crypto]

    I see a lot of talk about cryptos lately. Everyone is throwing big words and talks about INVESTING in crypto. Let's get something straight. What most are talking about is: GAMBLING. Why? Simply because most rely on hope and hype. Not to mention those that buy when the market is already up...
  6. Max Kirschner

    Can someone explain to me what is so great about Amazon and what justifies the effort?

    I decided some time ago to invest time in selling via Amazon FBA. But my realization is that it is extremely difficult to put a product there. This starts already with the fact that I have to buy a GSIN. Then the fees at Amazon are very high, I noticed that when I sold used books; there is...
  7. 1

    Google wave is great !!!!

    Yeah :D For those who are really clueless over the hype created over Google Wave, here is the story. Google Wave is great. It is the next step to twitter and I am sure when it is released publicly, it will be a great hit, at least with IMers. So what does google wave do? It lets you...
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