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    You Guys Will Love This

    I signed up with Hydra, and after 2 weeks, I finally get an email 2 days ago congratulating me and welcoming me to their network. I sign into my account and notice I have to send in a w-9 form before looking at any campaigns. So I sent it in the same day and today I sign in to see if they...
  2. M


    Just signed up with Hydra and was informed they will be calling me to finalize my application. I want to know if anyone of you got called by them and what kind of questions they ask. Also any suggestions as to what i should tell them my promotion methods will be? Thanks
  3. B

    backtrack hydra problem

    Hi, im quite new to the blackhatworld, but i've messed alot with backtrack. I know already how the sniff-spoof tools and related work, but i'd like to have some information of the hydra program. I haven't found any guides or tutorials yet and I didn't understand much from posts on other forums...
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