1. E

    Hugetraffic aka fling not paying

    So I've been promoting hugetraffic a couple years and never had a problem with them and then I decided I'd like to make changes to the bank they have been wiring my payments to. I didn't think it was gonna be a huge deal but my payment never arrived to my new account which was actually the same...
  2. LX911

    How?? Huge Traffic!!

    How do these Guys in Fiverr send bulk traffic to any urls?? Do they use any particular software?? HELP!
  3. E

    PPS But which one ???

    I'm new and im trying to figure out which one is the best that converts the most/fastest WebCams? Hugetraffic? I can pay for traffic if that would help me more. But what else :confused: thanks.. will pay for training if possible.
  4. D

    *Hugetraffic/Fling Conversions Down*

    Ok, I have been using fling for a very long time, i've had great conversions, free to paid, but recently, i've been checking my stats, and i noticed my covnersions had gone to hell, and i mean hell, I had 240 free joins, and 1 paid, I looked into my account, I thought something was def...
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