html help

  1. arnosv

    [Hiring] I need a very, very basic HTML 5 website.

    Hi there, As part of a school project of mine I need to create a basic html5 portfolio website (5 simple pages). I'm drowning in work right now and because of that I'm not capable to complete this project. Luckily I'm a BHW'er :) So my plan is to outsource that project here. I've already...
  2. takeachance

    HTML site Moving Server and CMS to Wordpress

    Here is the senario; My client has an html site located on xyx server. I have agreed to create a new wordpress website on my own servers but the main point is there must be no downtime between changing the dns settings from the xyz server to mine. This means I need to have the wordpress site...
  3. ramtripper

    Please Help! Can't Add PHP Rss Feed to HTML Page For Better Optimization

    Hey guys. Have a problem. My site is made with html. All pages except the blog - which is in wordpress. How do I make my front/main page have a feed from my blog. I know I need to use PHP - ive done hours of research and tried many things for this but nothing worked. I also know I need to...
  4. A

    what I'm missing advice needed

    Hi I have simple problam that i can't resolve I copy my website and i upload the files to but now when i go to the colors section all the sub categories inside dont work {all the granite,marble and all stuff} what i'm missing i have the...
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