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  1. lowlyricz

    Need custom .liquid/html integration with online order form

    Helloo BHW community, As the title says, I'm looking for someone that can customize my order page on shopify with no 3rd party apps which would cost extra $$ a month to collect these order forms. I need to take off the ordinary "add to cart & checkout buttons" on product page and put instead a...
  2. Digital SEO

    Google analytics tracking query

    Hi How to block/exclude below kind of URLs from tracking in Google Analytics. /?width=800&height=250&inline=true I also found this URL in my webpage source pages which starts within the tags like following format: <a class="colorbox-inline"...
  3. xRex

    Referral Link - hide code

    Hi there is a html or plugin (referral link ) for wordpress / black hat niche that you have to advertise to users and get the tool ... best for wordpress ,, or halt as html code Many thanks
  4. H


    Hi everyone, I'm HARDEZMANX and i'm a DEVLOPER WEB. I'm here to improve my skills and my english Is not good I hope i will learn and share a lot of knowledge here. hardezman
  5. B

    Blog commenting problem - HTML code appears as-it-is

    I am a seasoned SEO guy. For the first time, I am playing around with Blog commenting (though I did not do it for a long time for some fear of getting penalized). Now, I have a blog post where I see there are other comments (seo-spam) with anchor text - backlinks in them. However, when I try to...