1. MartonB

    How I can block specific countries from accessing my website

    Hi I'm trying to block visitors from different countries is there any other free methods that actually work I tried using the .htacces file as mentioned here But it didn't work as...
  2. F

    Blocking Google via htaccess

    Hi, I want to block in the htaccess url file ( for Google robots. Searching through the search engine I found something like: RewriteEngine on RewriteCond% {HTTP_USER_AGENT} Googlebot [OR] RewriteRule ^. * $ "Http \: \ / \ / yordomain \ .com" [R =...
  3. holiparadise

    Need help in permanent redirection.

    I am facing problem with 301 redirection. My .htaccess file is full with almost 80 redirects. Now whenever I am adding more directions, My website goes down with "err_too_many_redirects". How can I get rid of 404's if I am not able to add redirection? TIA
  4. newsbella

    Htaccess question

    Hi, I would like the traffic on to be redirected to only from 1pm to 2pm and from 11pm to 5am. This redirect only if users are from Italy. It's possible ?
  5. codeman1234

    Link Juice Keeper Plugin Footprint

    Hello, How I can do same effect that plugin Link juice Keeper on WP does on 404 pages but with .htaccess so it does not leave a footprint? Thanks!
  6. SuperBlackHat

    Need Help - Htaccess - rewrite www to http

    I want to make redirect to Does anyone know how to do this properly? I tried: Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^$ RewriteRule ^(.*)$ [R=301,L] The browser told me: Too many redirects...
  7. B

    htacces mod rewrite help

    Hello ppl, I have used like 4 hours on google trying to find some sort of code example to rewrtie urls with mod rewrite. I all seems like voodoo to me! So i hope someone can help me out. I think its pretty simply but i can't wrap my head around this subject. I need a htacces url rewrite...
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