hosting pbn

  1. champiseo

    Netlify and multiple sites hosting

    I'm planing to create static (made with hugo) PBNs hosted on Netlify. I was wondering if I would have any penalty with google due to using only netlify hosting for all the sites of the PBNs. Do the CDNs use different IP Pools ? Is this a good idea or should I look for some other hosting ? In...
  2. S

    What if I host my PBN on free networks like blogger, 000webhost etc. ?

    Hi there, I am thinking to build a PBN but I am confused about the hosts. I want to save as much money as I can from hosting so that I can invest the money in buying expired domains? (eh, I have a limited budget) What do you think about hosting on blogger and other free web hosts? Is there any...
  3. Visual Eagle

    Google Cloud for PBN hosting?

    Anyone here using google cloud for hosting PBN domains? I recently got a hang of making the trial accounts and I still have some good domains that I would need to setup for PBN to rank my other site. Since I would change accounts after like few months (and transfer domain to new) would maybe IP...