1. X

    Web host for ecommerce

    I had problems with my old hosting provider – not enough security, and constant hacking. I run an online store for vaping and tobacco products, and some items aren't fully regulated in our country. Can you recommend a reliable web host that's good for SEO (since I can't use ads), with fast speed...
  2. best hosting service.jpg

    best hosting service.jpg

  3. Born_Loard

    Need hosting to upload Porn videos

    Guys I have started porn site by my self. Costs as follows, Domain Purchased - 2.99$ Wp- Script - 24$ Offshore Hosting - 4.99$ (10GB NVme) Considering upper details please recommend me a good & cheap hosting provider to upload my website porn videos. After that I'm going to embed that...
  4. S

    What are hosts allows cannabis related contents or which host cannabis friendly?

    I looking for cannabis friendly host, I decided to namecheap then I saw a post about someone's cannabis website penalized by namecheap because of cannabis related contents.. What do you advice cannabis related content for hosting and domain name registarar company?
  5. Milagro

    Issues with Ubuntu Nginx Server , help me pls

    Hello friends , few days back I noticed that my site went unexpected slow , I was thinking it was a space issues , so I have to more the site to another server with bigger space. Now I notice that the site slow down any host I move it to and it also affect all other sites on the server and when...
  6. HiQ

    Blog-host platforms !

    hello brothers I'm thinking of creating: a blogs hosting site on the sub-domain Two weeks I searched and tried and had no luck, I know this case. case name( please help me ;p ) There are many sites that provide the service and they have the same script, but I did not know, unfortunately...
  7. P

    offshored server needed

    help , i need offshore dcma ignore server chance to receive dcma is less than 10% configure: at least 2 Tb Hdd 8gb ram cpu any port speed 1gb guaranteed (not up to 1gb) bandwidth 100 Tb or unlimited
  8. aezahost

    VPS/VDS and dedicated servers in Russia and Europe

    There is a choice of standard AMD Epyc 3.0 GHz servers and powerful AMD Threadripper 3990X 4.3 GHz servers. Internet port on all virtual servers is provided at 10 Gbit/s. All operating systems are available for installation: > CentOS7, 8, 8 Stream, 9 Stream > AlmaLinux 8 > RockyLinux 8 >...
  9. O

    How i can get a free domain name ?

    hey guys!! I want to start a new shop business and I don't have a big budget to start ... so if I can get a free domain will be better only for one year (I have the host) I will be thankful!!
  10. pshan

    What's Your Experience with Contabo VPS?

    I want to know honest opinion of Contabo VPS (basic plan) For hosting micro niche websites target traffic from USA and UK Sever Location - European Union (Germany) CPU - 4 vCPU Cores RAM -8 GB RAM STORAGE 50 GB NVMe or 200 GB SSD SNAPSHOT1 Snapshot PORT 200 Mbit/s Port DATA TRANSFER 32 TB...
  11. Minx

    Need Help with Anime Streaming Website

    I've been reading for at least a week now but yet still in confusion on how website like 9anime did it. Things I've done so far: - Domain (using an old domain of mine to test and make things works first) - Offshore Host - Tried OVOO cms since it looks somewhat similar look to 9anime theme and...
  12. W

    Hosting Offshore

    Hello everyone, I am delighted to have found this forum as it is full of topics that are not discussed in many places. My question is the following, I have a page for the sale of courses, the issue is that I receive DMCA notices every day, in the past I lost a domain for this, looking for I...
  13. CamelCase

    Your vps suggestions for blackhat jobs

    I don't want it for adult jobs. I just want a vps service that will not shut down my server for my blackhat business under any circumstances. Thanks in advance for your suggestions
  14. Carnaged

    BHW USERS BEWARE! mass host providers unmasked for dodgy doings!

    A week or maybe less ago someone made a thread about all these hosting companies running nulled/cracked versions of CPANEL/WHMCS but i couldnt find the thread (maybe my searching wasnt good or it got deleted) but tonight i got bored and thought HEY, lets verify atleast the first 2 pages of...
  15. alexhost1

    AlexHost | Offshore DMCA Ignored Hosting Moldova | VPS & Dedicated Servers

    You want to run an Internet project, but still don't know where to start? First of all, you need to think about choosing the server where it will be located. Need some help with that? Contact AlexHost directly, right now. We’ve been operating on the market since 2011, and during this time we’ve...
  16. B

    What is the best video host for adult content?

    First things first. Hello everyone, my 'name' is BL4CK666. It's been a while since I subscribed to this forum, but I never posted anything. I am building an adult website in Django, but I don't know which videos host to use. Possible candidates: Vimeo (paid) (in private mode, using an...
  17. R

    How to make Movie Streaming website with 100% DMCA ignored offshore hosting...?

    Hi Friends, I need fully 100% ignored offshore Dedicated Server/Streaming Server/VPS for Movie Streaming and TV Shows, I ask some host provider's they just advertisement on their website home pages (DMCA ignored Host), but I ask them via chat, they said we do ignore 100% DMCA, then I asked if...
  18. M

    I need a suggestion on where to host my movies.

    I have a website with 200 thousand active users in 7 days, they consume a lot of data traffic, I have used countless services and none can keep stable and with a good speed of loading the films, I have used vps, dedicated server and none of them can supply what I need, which would be dedicated...
  19. A

    any free video host for adult videos?

    hi, im new here, i created a adult site using wordpress, all are fine, for now im using netu to host the videos, but i want a video hosting that let me put the ads i want, like pornhub ads,etc.... i think fembed let u do this, and of course using jwplayer and hosting the videos yourself i could...
  20. Z

    streaming site movie $$$$

    Hi I wanted to know if someone would like to start a streaming site with me .... I have everything wordpress dooplay gdrive with about 1000 films 2019-2020 ... resource for uploading about 500 films a day .... Here you come into the game you ... I need domain and obviously Russian host for dmca...
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