1. S

    Only homepage is ranking not blog posts - GOAL IS JUST TO EARN $100/mo

    (Sorry for my bad English..) Hello, So my previous site that I gave 5 years, just when I started to earn something from it, it got hacked (japanese keyword hack) and everything ruined for me. I went in depression but I wanna do it again! I learned a lot of thing running that website and one...
  2. 420lounge


  3. Turbo B.

    Anyone has a list of themes supporting full posts on homepage?

    As the title says - free / paid WP themes that support full posts listing on the homepage with displaying links.
  4. Yupwork

    Home page SEO

    Hi I want to know if answering to some question about my product on my home page and costume it by CSS like the image below isn't SEO friendly. I fear that damage my website ranking?
  5. harrywilliams

    Turning Homepage into an Article [More Backlinks + More Authority]

    I wonder what if I turn my homepage into an article that targets my main keyword. For example, if the blog is about beagles, turning the homepage into a "Beagle Dog Breed Information" type article, what would happen? In that way, all the homepage and the article backlinks are directed to the...
  6. Harrrr

    How Can I Make a High Conversion Landing Page?

    Hi guys, I'm doing the research on my own but if someone has experience in optimizing a homepage for conversions I'd like to get some tips, please. A digital marketing company contacted me for some freelance work. They have a rather good looking website with good organic traffic but their...
  7. dekhajam

    [Q] Homepage URL with Link Building in mind: example.com vs. example.com/en

    I'm pretty interested in your viewpoint. My website is mainly written in English but I want to keep the option to extend the site later with other languages. At the moment I 301-redirect from example.com to example.com/en (Nginx rewrite doesn't work because of the progressive web app - don't...
  8. Bomlik

    Can someone help me to edit my WordPress homepage ?

    Hi all, I'm using hooray theme and i want change my homepage header from slide to this layout : Can someone tell me how can i do this ?
  9. BlackShield

    [GIVEAWAY] Get top 5 keywords of your page

    Hello BHW buddies, I am giving away the top 5 trendy keywords which your page should rank for. You can ask keywords for the homepage or inner pages. Please PM me the URL of your page and comment here as PM sent. Regards, BlackShield
  10. Shropdog

    Footer links

    I was just reading someone's reply to a question on bhw about the best ways to rank a site. One of the answers stated putting a link in the footer of your website with your keyword as anchor text and point it to your homepage. Does this help?
  11. alexseo12

    Perfect Home Page for an affiliate website in the health niche

    Hello SEO pros! I have a question regarding Home Page design/layout for an affiliate website. For now, the homepage displays recent posts (which doesn't look great). The website is getting some traffic so I thought it would be nice to build a proper homepage. What are your...
  12. tiiberius

    Is Your Page DE-indexed?

    There seems to be a lot of de-indexing happening recently. Common scenarios: - every inner page is ranking well but homepage is de-indexed (this is the most common one) - inner page(s) with the most organic traffic get de-indexed - inner page(s) with the most links get de-indexed What all...
  13. beastkay

    Why a Temp BHW Homepage? Are we fixing B|A!B!A!J|I Posts?

    Something new is coming or fixing b-a!b-a!j-i posts?
  14. kaviraj008

    Anchor Text For Homepage?

    In blog commenting, few websites are using the domain name along extension(TLDs) as anchor text. For example: https:// healthline .com uses the healthline .com as anchor text. should i use only the domain name or domain name along with extension as anchor text (for homepage) ?
  15. G

    Why is site pages not indexing 2 months in ?

    I have a site that is 2 months old now, I originally created 8 different articles for the site all unique content several hundred words + of content on each but for whatever reason only one of these pages has indexed ? Why might that be ? I understand that indexing can't be very strange now, but...
  16. T

    Static Homepage with Important Money Articles Vs. Latest Posts

    Is keeping the homepage limited with 3/4 most important money articles can make them rank better as the homepage link juice will be divided on those only? OR Keeping it as "Latest Posts" to have a fresh content on Homepage.? Note: I'll point a PBN for the homepage. Thanks in advance!
  17. SjacPhoto

    Homepage - Inner Page Link Ratio - Google

    Hi Guys, I know there are a lot of discussions when it comes to link building and whether You should target the homepage or pages directly. For some 80/20 homepage/inner pages works, for others, it is the other way around. I don't want to discuss which is better now. Since I am actively...
  18. zodiamc

    GUIDE to HOMEPAGE SEO ... or something like that x)

    Hi guys, just wanted to share you some advice - i dont know, nobody is really talking about that and about keywords on homepage and stuff. Look, i've tested now more than 10 Websites and killed some of them in the process, just trying things out what works and what doesnt (i wanted to kill...
  19. nifras

    home page article redesign

    Dear all i am looking for redesign my homepage article redesign .i Already have thrived content builder but please contact me if you can With your skype ID I already hair a guy he takes two weeks and refund it Dont Do Like this don't remove my post without informing me if anything wrong...
  20. nifras

    home page article redesign

    Hi fellows i am looking for redesign my homepage article and Add comparison table just reply this thread i will contact you
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