hits generator

  1. Newbuzz

    Where can I buy Unique Indian Visitors For Website ?

    Where can I buy Unique Indian Visitors For Website ?
  2. M

    How 2 Get Instant Traffic??

    Does anyone know a method on how to drive instant traffic to my affiliate link? I met a guy online and he was able to generate instant real human traffic to my link and it converted. He said the traffic source was from social media. How did he do it?
  3. blackdoll

    Need Traffic to Boost G. Analytics

    I have been looking for Traffic Services here in BHW and somehow most of them are not tracked by G. Analytics. I suppose I got tired looking and reading on every review/comments by buyers so I am now asking for anyone who who can recommend a seller/service. I am not using it with adsense. Not...
  4. L

    page views generator

    Hi, i'm looking for a script or software to generate pageviews (fake ones) to a certain page of a website. Something where i can set the location and referrer as i need it to look as if the hits came from one country only. Is this possible?
  5. I

    Please someone help with proxies and user agents

    Hi i have a copy of tukanas hits generator , were can i please find proxies and user agents for it to work , many thanks:cool:
  6. H

    Need Fake Hits Proxy Tool

    I used to run a copy of Tukanas Hits Generator, but I cannot find it anywere on the web. Can anyone suggest/link a fake traffic generator? Better with Proxies :) Thanks!
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