hiring a va

  1. IvoZZ

    Instagram/FB pages users email scraping

    Hey I have a list of Instagram pages and some FB Pages that I want to scrape the emails of their followers? Can this be done and what price/timeframe? DMs open and/or post here Thanks
  2. Ventures

    Hiring a bunch of different skillsets FULL-TIME and LONG-TERM. $200-$900/Month

    Looking to hire more people to my Digital Conglomerate long term 10+ years. You will be given a raise at least once a year. $200/Month No Skill Set but an internet connection and a solid brain. $250/Month Copywriter $300/Month web Developer $400/Month Web Developer W/ SEO Knowledge...
  3. vcc

    Looking For Freelance Content Writers (Full Time)

    Hi We Are looking For Entry Level Freelance Content Writers For Some Of Our projects, So If you are new to BHW With No/business or Jobs and looking for a Full Time (7 Hrs Day) Jobs then this offer is for you. Eligibility: 1. Reading English And Re-writing your own country language or English...
  4. William702

    Hiring VAs for eBay Work, (Very Simple Listing Work)

    As the title suggests I am looking for people who can help me list on eBay. If you are interested please PM me. Description: You will be creating listings for me on eBay across multiple accounts. I will provide the images for the listings. The title, price and most of the description will all...
  5. Finez

    Video Uploader Needed [Monthly Payment]

    Hey! I am Looking for someone who can handle the uploading part and can upload Adult videos daily for me to different sites Looking to Pay an monthly wage Let me know if you can do this Thanks!
  6. ContentWriter

    Why would you or why would you not hire a virtual assistant?

    Hi, fellow BHW members. I'm writing an article about the reasons why internet marketers or online entrepreneurs choose to hire a virtual assistant. I understand there are tons of articles online written about this topic but I'd like the information to come from the voice of BHW members. May I...