1. M

    VA / Virtual Assistant with basic Web, IT knowledge searched

    We search one Person only, no Agency. 40-50Hrs Weekly - We pay 1500 $ Monthly What we give: - Flexible Worktime, up to 40hours per Week - Weekly Payment - Work from Home or anywhere in the World - Only Long Term Work Person Searched - Salary increasement after Time - Stable income What you...
  2. jackal007

    My instagram was Banned

    Hey guys I spent ten years on my business page on Instagram somehow; someone banned my Instagram account with fake documents he wanted money to fix. And he keeps threatening me. I need someone who can fix it and prevent this from happening again. Scammers already take money from me, so I am...
  3. amirnajafi98

    Insta reactive

    My name is Amir I own a 400k page on Instagram (IG: _thteen ) It was closed due to a trademark report from a bully (I'll send you a screenshot of him blackmailing me ). His IG is kiarash ( you can see his account story highlight). He claims IDs and bans pages for money. My page was created in...
  4. hectorsalamanca9

    I need a video editor for my Tiktok creativity beta

    I need a video editor for my creativity beta account, must know how to repurpose videos. Telegram : @HectorSalamanca09
  5. A

    I have a great and legit plan. Need a passionate guy.

    Hello, I have a great plan and We can easily excute it. It evolves making websites but you don't need to make website. I need a guy who is good in management and very passionate for making money because this is a long time work.
  6. B

    (HIRING) Python Developer: Only Serious and ACTUAL developers

    No 'chatgpt developers' needed here. Please stay away! I have a project that needs to be done in python, since it's private I won't share it in public. Contact me here: Telegram: https://t.me/luci982 Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/BprWWF2PYp03
  7. KORO22

    Email database validation and distribution needed

    I am looking for blackhat email marketing expert, who can set up all for me. I have emails from one site, 2m+ mails. I want to validate it and then send it to them my offer. I need e-mail specialist here who can help with it?
  8. N

    Discounted Discord Nitro

    Anyone have it? Please PM with details.
  9. V

    Introduction (web developer)

    Hey guys I'm new here. I am experienced web developer / full-stack developer. I have a lot of hands-on experience related to front/back-end web design, web scraping, tasks related to gathering and encoding media for the web, and setting up payment processes. I have lots of other experience as...
  10. GainTheImpossible

    (HAF) Want to hire a Freelancer For a Shopify Store

    Exactly as the title. I need you to: - Design it nicely - Keep the product in mind - Use your skills to make the store look like an established brand. The store revolves around 1 single product. So it's 1 product website! Budget? -> 100 to 150$, depending on the quality of your work. I...
  11. blueoceannow

    Greetings and looking for hires

    Hi, I'm new here, and it seems that I will find lots of interesting personalities who like to find opportunities in different places :) I am looking to hire some people to help me with my business.
  12. T

    Build a Bot on Fetlife for Likes + Commenting: NOW HIRING

    Seeking an experienced freelancer to develop a human-like bot for Fetlife.com interaction. To apply: -DM a portfolio or prior samples of your work to me -Will discuss payment and turnaround rates once I've reviewed your samples :)
  13. montague

    Looking for a Wordpress Developer

    Looking for a skilled wordpress developer who can develop me an aesthetically pleasing wordpress website It will require some functionalities as well but nothing big. It will require a blogging system as well An example site would be - https://www.stanventures.com/ ( i'm in no way...
  14. D

    Gfx designer and web3 dev.

    So I accidentally went broke. I need a quick hire for a dev task. Can do anything from design 10000 nft collect, generate metadata and randomize layers, make react site, write smart contracts. But I suck at marketing. Been years. Still suck. For the love of god someone hire me or help me with...
  15. H

    Looking for a great growth hacker to accelerate growth

    Hi, This is a part time, flexible, remote job. We run a profitable Online Speech Therapy business in the US. We're looking for an experienced growth hacker highly skilled in operating multiple marketing channels that can work on his own to launch and execute marketing campaigns. Work from...
  16. David_pro

    [WTB] Need to get freelancer review.

    Hello Guys, I want to get freelancer reviews. Qualitied Client Account: 1. Need to have more than 10 client reviews 2. Client must be European or American Payment Terms: 1. PayPal or Payoneer 2. Project Fee + 10% bonus Contact: Please contact me through Skype...
  17. kamilqla

    Hire someone who does Instagram scraping

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who does scraping instagram accounts-followers for me. I'm not interested in any of services that requires me to have accounts or anything like that, I need a person who will do that for me. I will need detailed info about users, need to scrap daily around ~50.000...
  18. E


    Hello, I am looking to hire peoples for simple online jobs. 1.I need someone to play and record video games and I will pay him or her for every video that is recorded. If someone is interested contact me her on bhw or my email address [email protected]
  19. K

    I Need a Cookie Robot similar to MultiLogin's Cookie Robot

    I've been looking everywhere for a free version of this but can't seem to find it. If anyone has any tips or links to a free software that already does this then I'd be grateful. But if there is no free software that can do this, then I'm looking to hire someone to build this for me. From the...
  20. Ventures

    Hiring a bunch of different skillsets FULL-TIME and LONG-TERM. $200-$900/Month

    Looking to hire more people to my Digital Conglomerate long term 10+ years. You will be given a raise at least once a year. $200/Month No Skill Set but an internet connection and a solid brain. $250/Month Copywriter $300/Month web Developer $400/Month Web Developer W/ SEO Knowledge...
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