hire someone

  1. Taktical

    I want to rent your wikipedia account for an informative article

    if you have a decent status wikipedia account (at least one year old with several articles and edits) or better yet have a account that is ranked as bureaucrat or steward i'd like to rent your account for 1 or 2 articles. purely informative article that doesn't violate Wiki's TOS. high...
  2. flipflop101

    Quick Job Altering A Form For A PHP Expert

    Hello, I have a website already built with a php form embedded. The form is currently all displayed at once in a long vertical fashion. I just need somebody who is good in PHP to break the form down into 2 or 3 smaller forms that follow on one after another. You will also make it a little...
  3. T

    Hiring someone to get me out of google sandbox

    Hello, I have a new website that I want to promote, this is a seo domain and there are a lot of competition . This is now 3 weeks that I submited my website to google search, I doesn't seen my main page in the search result. I'm seeking for an expert who can get me out of google sandbox. I'm...
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