high paying commisions

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    Need help, high paying cpa trials or surveys

    Hello, Thank you for reading. I have one project that I am working on. Only there are some missing parts. I need a high paying cpa offer ( survey, trial.....) It needs to last couple of months and be legit. No tricks and small letter writings. People to fill out a longer survey or subscribe to a...
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    Which CPA Has The Best Offers That Convert

    I know alot of people have different oppinions about what is the best CPA.I'm hoping with this thread I find the best CPA by majority.So which CPA has the best offers?The offers that are hot right now.Offers that lead to high marjin in sales.
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    $50 Commission for $2.95 Trial

    I found a website called www.galaxycashgold.com, it pays $50 for people to sign up for a $2.95 trial. I highly recommend them. However, I am awaiting payout so I can't promise it yet, just let me know if you beat me to payout. *You have to sign up to become an affiliate. You will be given the...