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  1. lakedaimon

    hiding url question

    Hello, trying ppd with adult content, everything is set up, I only need to know if hiding the reffering url with free domain like freedomain dot co dot nr and redirect from this domain to the ppd link is enough to hide the reffering site. Thanks for your reply!
  2. lakedaimon

    Hide refferer (email) question

    Hello, with the help of BHW, i have found a way to get leads from email. So people read my email, then follow a link that i include in this email which points to the home page of my web site Then they follow the instructions that i include in the email and they navigate manually to a specific...
  3. N

    How to Hide Original Referrer Script

    Hey guys This shows the page referrer of the page you want to show a referral from. It can do this regardless of origin of your traffic (if ever you need to send links to a network). For example, you can email traffic to any of your websites that?ll instantly redirect to the offer. From there...
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