hidden content

  1. B

    How to set-up hidden content on wordpress

    In the website i want to put a grid of 12 or more photos of different products and want to make 6 of them visible . The below 6 will be blury and want to put a button which will 1- Let people to subscribe 2- Share content on facebook My questions are 1- How can i do it ?Is there a free...
  2. Minerva78

    Revealing hidden Facebook friend lists

    Hello all Please excuse me if I am getting this wrong, I am new to this but trying to learn. I am trying to find out if it is possible in some way to see another FB user's hidden friends list. I know there used to be a loop whereby you could see at least some by utilising the 'mutual friends'...
  3. M

    Hidden content after 'Read more' harmful?

    Hi there, I've seen some websites using the 'Click to expand more' method of hiding their content from the visitors. When visitors click the 'Read more' button/link, around 1000 words of content will add to the normal text. I would like to add some extra content to the homepage of one my...
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