1. YuvrajThapa

    Microsoft Clarity - A free alternative to Hotjar - Free Heatmaps and session recordings

    Hey there friends, How many of you have used Microsoft clarity in your website? I hope many of you have or may not. Just few days earlier I have integrate it with one of my niche site and guess what it really shows you a website heatmaps and user behaviors in detail. It provides basic...
  2. viking011

    ▶️ Kollu.io ✅ All-in-one web analytics

  3. Sheepp

    [GUIDE] Why you SHOULD use heatmaps to EARN MORE MONEY

    Hi there, as I've learned so much around here I wanted to put some time aside to share a thing or two I know once in a while so here it is. here's a quick guide for a thing that many of you may not know because it is not heavily spoken about here on BHW, although I personally find it very...
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