1. Eddy Dearing

    Best Heatmap tool

    What is in your opinion the best tool for heatmaps? I was using hotjar, but i am thinking of changing it to smartlook. Do you think that's a good change, or do you thing there are better tools for that?
  2. ss1180


    Check the demo video here - What is the TAT (Turn Around Time)? 3 To 4 Days. But i will try to provide access within 24 Hours. - What Is The Refund Policy? Once Your Order Is Started - Refund Cannot Be Provided. To order and for payment details PayPal - [email protected] We also accept...
  3. OlafRustle

    Microsoft Clarity | Heatmaps, Tracking etc.

    https://clarity.microsoft.com Has anyone tried this? Is it any good?
  4. beastkay

    Best HEATMAP Tool for websites? Any suggestions?

    Hey guys I hope you all are doing well. Just wanted to test my site and want to know where people are spending more time on my website and for that I'm looking for a tool called heatmap please let me know if you have any suggestions for this.
  5. Danny Crypto

    Heatmap for e-commerce stores useful?

    Hey, Guys I just wanted to know that heatmap is really a useful tool by which person can increase clicks on the website and which will result in increase in clicks. If anyone doesn't know what heatmap is so attaching image: - Which heatmap tool you going to suggest if it is useful. Please...
  6. vivek.verma

    [Req] Heatmap pro theme urgent :(

    Can anyone provide me the theme "Heatmap Pro" not the basic one, with all features. And not the Nulled one.. I know someone already shared this theme in forum, but the link is broken now, unable to get the theme by any link.. That is why i am making a new thread..
  7. D

    Heatmap problem - no nav bar

    I have heatmap v5 and under "heatmap options - navigation" my pages aren't listed. I have heatmap on another site with no problems and haven't found any discrepancies between the two when comparing settings. On the page itself it just says "No Menu Specified!" Any suggestions?:confused:
  8. D

    WordPress - tracking mouse behavior of user

    I have a few questions. Is heatmap - http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/heatmap/ - still a good tool to track mouse movement on a wordpress blog site that uses adsense? Do adsense policies permit this? If heatmap isn't still used / valid with latest wordpress, then is there another tool that...