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  1. AriantheWise

    Benefits of WordPress over Webflow for Affiliate Marketing?

    Hello everyone, first of all I want to thank this community for providing so much helpful value. I wanted to ask what are the benefits of creating a Wordpress website over a Webflow one specifically for affiliate marketing. My plan is to basically start a blog site along with social media...
  2. olavivo

    Get Ready to Make Serious Money with Olavivo's Exciting Offers

    If you're looking for a solid affiliate network with high-converting offers, and faster payout terms from Day 1, Olavivo is here to make that happen as your go-to CPA affiliate network with tons of positive vibes! Olavivo has a wide variety of offers in various verticals - Crypto, Finance...
  3. MehtaM

    How to promote health offer(whitehat) safely through Google Ads?

    I'm trying to promote a health product through Google Ads but my account gets suspended every time. The product is from a well known affiliate network. The campaign is whitehat. I'm promoting long review article with affiliate link CTA. I see many ads of the same product so others are promoting...
  4. moneyflower

    Journey to $1000 Per Month In 6 Months With Affiliate Marketing/Ads

    Hi, I started a new affiliate/ads website in the health niche. My plan is to document my process in this thread. The Project Official started today, 6th of May, 2020. What I have done so Far Keyword/Niche Research Upon choosing my niche, I did a keyword research using Ahrefs. My KW research...
  5. F

    Need help with health niche

    I am looking for some good health niche affiliate offer. I already have a website with good organic visitors. Right now I am thinking to promote the best health niche offer by putting the banner on my site. Can you suggest me some good weight loss/nutrition/skin products that are the best in the...
  6. hemi427

    ____HEALTH NICHE PBN_SEO____Pharmacy & Diet Supplements_____

  7. Coconut-water


    I am here to research strategies to increase conversions at my pharma and other health related websites. Which are hyper competitive. I am interested in affiliate programs catering to health products. I also run a telemarketing team that I am hoping to expand. Been involved in e-commerce for a...
  8. A

    Hey another NEWBIE joining!

    Hi everyone! alio here been reading forums and forums over the past week so thought ill finally join this journey! ive been think of doing something with health and fitness. what do you guys think and any tips to how to start? cheers
  9. E

    Looking for health traffic

    hello bhw members we have a supplement which we sell in the usa, we are getting some conversions with adwords and we did also fb generated some buzz but not much sales. anyways I am looking for some networks or affiliates who are focussing only on health traffic
  10. Selfinflicted

    I have 4 of the best SEO domains (.com's) for a specific popular product

    First of all, as this is my first post and all, I would like to thank all of you, especially the founders, moderators and longtime members for upholding this unique forum and for sharing ways to earn a living. Having that said, please have me excused if I make a mistake or two in the time ahead...
  11. D

    best affiliate program in health niche?

    iam looking for best affiliate program which works with health niche I.e pills, supplements etc, which pays on time.
  12. natedogg

    Health Niche Down?

    Hey, does anybody else notice the health niche is down like losing weight? I was doing great in January but know my hops are the same but no sales in the health category:(
  13. I

    How to covert traffic to sale?

    I am working on clickbank health product. Everyday I get 150-200 hops from facebook, twitter but conversion rate is zero. I share clickbank product link in different health related facebook group & twitter post retweet. I can't understand what is my fault? Is there any problem of choosing right...
  14. I

    Which region is best for health related product?

    I choose health related product from click bank. Which region I will target?
  15. lucardk

    Help us craft the affiliate program of your dreams

    (This is only a ?market research? I won?t share the program until we begin the paid campaign next year) I?m working on revamping a health affiliate program. In the first months of 2014 we are planning an affiliate recruiting campaign (paid) which hopefully will also be shown here in...
  16. K

    Affiliate program to get Coupons/daily deals or discount code for Health niche

    I have decent USA traffic. And want to provide good offers for my users. For this I am looking for affiliate program which can provide me Coupons/daily deals or discount code for Health niche to make good Income. Please help me.
  17. E

    100% Affiliate Commissions - DNA REPAIR / ANTI-AGING- EASY SELL- VERY LIMITED

    Until we get going with an affiliate network, I have received approval from the owner of the company I am consulting for to pay 100% commissions on our patented & proven DNA REPAIR system, which is a HUGE opportunity within the wellness & anti aging categories. In order to flood the market...
  18. TheInsider

    Puremeds offering $30 CPA - 2 week period, no delay

    Hey Guys, Puremeds is now offering $30 CPA on Trial bottles purchased through your link codes. Bi-Weekly Payouts with No Delays via Paxum, Wire, Check Custom Ad Material Available on Request Products Offered: Male Enhancement, Slimming Tea, Energy Supplement and ACAI Weight Loss...
  19. blackma

    Yippee, it's my birthday (26)

    I am just a little bit older but not much wiser :)
  20. joe_m

    Market Health : is it a Scam

    I signed up with to promote a product they are offering that has a great potential. Trouble started when I tried the aff link before even putting it on my site, it does't show in my stats. After three days I tried other products that are on trial although I have no interest...
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