1. T

    100m Posts Analyzed: What You Need To Write The Best Headlines

    BuzzSumo analyzed 100 million posts and figured out what makes for a great article headline. If you’re a publisher or content creator, the findings of this report will be relevant to you. You’ll learn which headline types actually get you the most distribution, and techniques for writing...
  2. market88

    Multiple headlines to catch attention for books through affiliate links

    Hi BHW, I am currently working on a project and wanted to practice creativity coming up with headlines. If you are getting started in affiliate marketing and want some products to sell, here are 3 famous books that you can get the link for on Amazon Associates, and attach to one of these...
  3. slickbrick

    If You Wanna Make More Money With Email Marketing - Check Out These 5 Websites

    The owners are millionaires. I'm NOT. So -> DON'T even think I have anything to do with the websites I listed. I WISH I had!! Get inspiration for your email headlines from those you see there and re-write them. Trust me. You will write better headlines and get more people to open your...
  4. mynameisfrankenstein

    5,500 classic headlines...a gift from Jay Abraham

    Got this is an email today from Brian Kurtz: https://app.box.com/s/ar7wolonn6x8xd61c639czenlj70lowe (6 pdfs) Here's the email copy: Enjoy!
  5. popzzz

    [GET] Warrior Headline Graphics - WSO 854209

    Warrior Headline Graphics - WSO 854209 And so on so on so forth and blah, blah, blah ..... ..... popzzz ~ BlackHatWorld.com WARNING: The file(s) you need for this share are EXACTLY named: Warrior.Headline.Graphics.rar Do NOT download ANYTHING other than these files! Some links and buttons...
  6. L

    [GET] Headline Generator Creator

    Hey- This is great for creating engaging headlines that captures your readers... great for articles, special reports, ebooks... This is web-based. Here's the link below: http://www.smartmoneywebsites.com Enjoy! Thank you again to all you supportive people here on BHW. Lived66
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