1. S

    I need a Good Website Harvester

    I am in need or a good website harvester tool or website i can use. Please refer me. Thanks
  2. I

    ScrapeBox Harvester - Which is the limit?

    Hi all! First of all, I'll ask you guys to apologies my english, I'm from Argentina :) I've bought 10 private proxies in order to srape Google index. The thing is that I've been scraping and my proxies have been banned by Google. So I've a couple of questions: 1- How much proxies do I need...
  3. H

    [need] free email harvester or herold telefonbuch cd

    Anyone nows a good free email harvester or a free download link for the HEROLD TELEFONBUCH CD? Please direct email lists. Greets Huber:):)
  4. I

    Scrapebox Harvester Problems (Not usual nooby stuff)

    OK guys I was a Scrapebox user years back and since I have come back to the world my Swiss army knife is back up and running. Of course I soon enough noticed the new harvester and even the new fast poster. My first problem is say I'm using the original poster and select the platforms tab and...
  5. X

    [GET] hotmail bulk email list (9K Emails) for sending bulk mails [FREE]

    Have a Bulk Emailing Porgramm but dont have Emails? Here ya go. How i get these emails? easy. Got a BIG list with over 230.000 Words and an EmaiL Harvester Programm to check all these Words. Example the Programm checks 70.000 Random Words and 8.400 are real and activ Email adresses from...
  6. A

    [GET] Jumbastic Harvest 2

    hi my good friends of the blackhatworld, thanks again for the great feedback, you gave us for Jumbastic Harvest 1. As nodejitsu raised their hosting prices, we had to move the app to another location: (Harvest 1 is still available for a few days as a backup) On this...
  7. A

    [GET] Jumbastic Harvest

    hi my fellow seo brothers, Conan and I decided to share Jumbastic Harvest. jumba7.nodejitsu.com Make sure to read the instructions and don't reload your browser. Enjoy :)
  8. B

    Harvesters - Scrape Email, FB, Twitter and G+ from large list of URL's

    Hi, I'm looking for a top quality harvester than can take a list of URL's (numbering in the 10,000's) and extract data - specifically email, twitter, G+ and FB account URL's. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  9. D

    I need a Kijiji and CL email harvester

    I need a Kijiji and CL email harvester. I need a emails from a certain city. Please pm me if anyone could do it. Thanks
  10. K

    Proper Settings For Scrapebox Proxy Harvester

    If your having problems getting the most out of Scrapebox Proxy Harvester your not the first and won't be the last. I've noticed a lot of talk about lowering the number of connections and increasing the timeout settings, this is not proper usage. Doing this will only result in High Latency...
  11. C

    Biggest harvest wordpress successful kments list

    Here we can share our successful list of wordpress comments list i hope this can help:) ht*p://www.ridetowork.org/blog/2007/05/rush-hour-road-test-2007-vespa-250-gtsie.html ht*p://www.lamoto.es/blog/sumarios/sumario-la-moto-225-enero-2009/...
  12. S

    serpscraper coupon ???

    Ok, finally i have to fork out the money for this. .but its 99$ so anybody got a discount code or something?? cheers
  13. S

    Domain grabber for url harvesting

    Hey guys, i came across this software online today so i thought i should upload it on here, dont know if has already being done or not, but simply put, this software will look for domain urls from yahoo using the keyword you typed in. For example, if your keyword is "weight loss", it will...
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